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EndoSphere Surgical Simplifies Laparoscopic Surgery
November 21 2014
Laparoscopic procedures conducted with the EndoSphere Surgical system are immensely easier, and can be done in an environment with significantly lowered pressure. Mr. Prenovitz described the new system as being easier for surgeons, especially those 45 and under – as they have played more interactive video games than their older colleagues! Interestingly enough, the concept of virtually entering a person’s body and conducting surgery uses similar coordination and spatial understanding as many computer-simulated games.

Investor Registration Opens for the 8th Annual OneMedForum
November 21 2014
OneMedForum is currently offering complimentary passes to active accredited and institutional investors.

Program Updates for OneMedForum
November 21 2014
The 8th Annual OneMedForum reports new features for its January conference. In addition to a central and spacious venue at the Marriott Marquis, OneMedForum continues to develop some key programs to strengthen its capital raising platforms and business development.

Epion Health Receives $4.5M Series A Funding from Deerfield Management
October 1 2014
OneMedMarket is pleased to report that its member company Epion Health announced the closing of a $4.5M Series A financing round with Deerfield Management Company, a leading national venture fund.

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