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The First OneMedMarket Conference

Posted on 11 Jun 2014

On May 21, 2014, the first OneMedMarket conference was held in New York City. Accredited investors turned out from all over for presentations from eleven CEOs of curated, candidate healthcare technology companies. The presentations were webcast to over a hun

Editor’s Note

Posted on 03 Apr 2014

Dear Subscriber,

In the coming weeks, the sentinel will be featuring articles on emerging private growth companies in the health sector that will be presenting at the first OneMedMarketplace in New York City on May 21st. These companies are game-chang

The Whirl of Wound Care

Posted on 29 Mar 2014
However irksome it may be to think about open or healing wounds, the medical advances and market potential in this niche space is quite appealing for investors. Globally, there are 50 million reported cases of patients suffering from some type of wound that may be difficult to close o

SpectraScience: Innovations in Cancer Detection

Posted on 04 Jan 2014
SpectraScience has developed patented platform technology that diagnoses colorectal cancer, which has a market size of $1, 442.6 million.

DesignMedix: Overcoming Drug Resistance

Posted on 02 Jan 2014
DesignMedix places great emphasis on tackling problems of drug resistant diseases, such as malaria, bacteria, and cancer.

BioLife Solutions: Powering the Preservation Sciences

Posted on 31 Dec 2013
BioLife Solutions has a strong interest in target markets: regenerative medicine, biobanking, and drug discovery.

Avantis Medical Systems Enters Enormous Endoscope Market

Posted on 30 Dec 2013
Avantis Medical Systems is company that is tapping into large Endoscope market which has 30 million colonoscopies globally and 15 million in the US alone.

International Stem Cell Corporation Progressing in Human Induced Stem Cells

Posted on 13 Dec 2013
International Stem Cell Corporation (OTCQB: ISCO) is a biotechnology company that focuses on developing novel stem cell based therapies. Most recently, they have made significant progress in human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) and its derivation with novel protein-based reprogr

Plandai Biotechnology Sets for Battle Against Neurological Diseases by using Nutraceuticals

Posted on 13 Dec 2013
Plandaí­ Biotechnology, Inc. (OTCQB: PLPL) transforming the world of nutraceuticals by making available extracts from live plant material that deliver the highest levels of bioavailability currently in the market. These extracts are utilized to deliver a new family of drugs to safely