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What's Next for NexMed?

Tim, I agree. I think NexMed could have done a better job with the press release.

Despite Steady Progress, Applied NeuroSolutions Struggles

From what I could glean, Lily is working with APNS on a therapeutic, not the diagnostic.

CMS Decision Creates Huge New Opportunity for INRatio

I said, “comparable devices”, not Roche specifically. I’ve removed the sentence to avoid confusion.

Blue Shield of California Sees the 308-nanometer Light

Pete, Diane – I’d give your provider a call to see what their current reimbursement guidelines allow.

New Study Highlights Promising Gene-Based Predictor of Prostate Cancer Risk

Michael, Jan –

I’ll write a post about Proactive as soon as the test becomes available.

To get updates from the company, follow this link:

FDA Recommends Hologic's Non-Incisional Approach to Tubal Ligation

I’d take a look at the study itself to see if you could find some information on side-effects.

Based on the information I’ve seen, secondary birth control would be required until a physician has verified, “the fallopian tubes are completely blocked.”

I imagine one could get this test sometime before the 90-days are up – but again, I’d defer to the company.

Revolution Health Takes on WebMD with User-Centric Focus

Hi Bernard,

I’m not really sure. Perhaps Revolution believes in might impinge on some of the other sites in its Network – those more focused on diet and exercise.

That seems unlikely however. Web companies in other vertical are all too quick to put up even the thinnest of affiliate sites in an attempt to gain market share.