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Maxter Corporation

Long Beach, CA, USA | Implant devices
keywords: Dental implant manufacturers, Dental implants, implant dentistry Long Beach CA USA

Paivis Corp.

Oceanside, NY, USA | Develops disposable products for Dental, medical and veterinary professionals.
keywords: Dental, veterinary, disposable, distribution Oceanside NY USA Gregory Bauer, President and CEO and Interim CFO

Ajax Medical Group

Guangzhou, China | First class Dental equipments is the spirit
keywords: Dental, medical, fashion, dynamic, equipments Guangzhou China

Coastal Implant Technologies

Long Beach, CA, USA | Implant devices
keywords: Dental implant manufacturers, Dental implants, implant dentistry Long Beach CA USA

American Medical Technologies

Corpus Christi, TX, USA | Products to assist in Dental treatment.
keywords: Dental, dentist, curing lights, oral video, intra oral cameras, kinetic cavity preparation, air abrasive, laser Corpus Christi TX USA Judd D. Hoffman, President / CEO


, Spain | Treating diseases produced by Dental bacterial plaque.
keywords: disease, Dental, bacterial, plaque, physical, chemical, biological, vitis, perio-aid, halita, desensin

Bright Now! Dental, Inc

Santa Ana, CA, USA | Support services to 200 Dental offices in 18 states.
keywords: Dental, dentist, orthodontics, cosmetic, administrative support, information technology, capital resources for investment, physical plan, technology, marketing expertise, contracting payors

Biolase Technology

Irvine, CA, USA | Dental, cosmetic and surgical laser products.
keywords: Waterlase YSGG Dental laser, HydroPhotonics, HYDROKINETICT laser cutting technology, Target Tissue CoolingT system, TTCT Irvine CA USA

Aalba Dent

Cordelia, CA, USA | Base-metal Dental resorative alloys.
keywords: Dental, restorative, alloy, metal, base-metal, teeth, tooth Cordelia CA USA

Mela Sciences

Irvington, NY, USA | Software driven technologies to evaluate and detect skin cancer. Other products are used to detect Dental cavities and to measure skin wrinkles.
keywords: premarket approval, oncology, Dental, diagnostics Irvington NY USA Michael Stewart, CEO; Robert W. Cook, CFO

GeoDigm Corporation

Chanhassen, MN, USA | Laser scanning technology for Dental and orthodontic applications.
keywords: laser scanning, Dental, orthodontic, non-destructive, plaster model Chanhassen MN USA Bruce Hultgren; Dr. Robert Isaacson


Great Neck, NY, USA | Clinical trials for the development of prescription and OTC drugs, and Dental and oral health products.
keywords: clinical trial, prescription, OTC, Dental, oral, protocol, site selection, data management, statistical analysis Great Neck NY USA

APO Health

Oceanside, NY, USA | smart, innovative products for the Dental, Medical and Veterinary professional
keywords: disposable products, Dental, veterinary, medical Oceanside NY USA Jan Stahl

Castle Dental Centers, Inc.

Houston, TX, USA | Castle works in the healthcare industry in the field of dentistry.
keywords: Houston TX USA


Wangen/ZH, Switzerland | Products in the area of Dental system prosthetics.
keywords: Dental, prosthetics, impression systems, porcelain, teeth, tcr, mould guides, stains, denture, SoftwareSystems Wangen/ZH CH Switzerland Max Sturm, General Management; Michael Hammer

Patterson Companies, Inc.

, MN, USA | Dental and companion-pet veteranary supplies.
keywords: Dental, pet, vet, veteranary, supplies, teeth MN USA Peter L. Frechette, Chairman; James W. Wiltz, ...

BioLok International

Deerfield Beach, FL, USA | To be Acquired by Healthpoint Capital.
keywords: Dental implant, Dental, teeth, screw implants, bio-materials, restorative, regenerative, osteotomes, bone expanders, oral surgery, bone augmentation Deerfield Beach FL USA Bruce L. Hollander

ProDrive Systems

Montreal, Canada | Improving Cutting Speed and Reliability of Dental Handpieces
keywords: Dental, handpiece, Montreal Quebec Canada Dr. Derek M. J. Turner, Founder & Chairman; Jean T. Caston...


Heerbrugg, Switzerland | Manufacture of rotary instruments.
keywords: rotary, instruments, diamond, tungsten, carbide burs, silicone, polishers, preparation, separation, kits, packing Heerbrugg CH Switzerland Jürg Scherrer

Jeropa Swiss Precision

Escondido, CA, USA | Contract machining for aerospace, medical, and Dental instrumentation.
keywords: machining, aerospace, medical, Dental, instrumentation, contract, R&D Escondido CA USA

Atlantis Components, Inc.

Cambridge, MA, USA | Dental implants using crown-and-bridge techniques.
keywords: ... dentistry, crown, bridge, implants, Dental Cambridge MA USA Douglas G. Bailey CEO; James G. Ha...


Jerusalem, Israel | Image guided solutions for Dental and surgical procedures.
keywords: ... Dental, orthodonture, imaging, tooth implants Jerusalem Israel Mr. Lawrence Obstfeld, Executiv...

Stick Tech

Turku, Finland | Diversified treatment alternatives to promote "new Dental dimensions".
keywords: dentistry, glass, fibre, reinforcement, undirectional, reinforcement, laboratory, acrylic, polymers, everstick, Dental Turku FIN Finland Kalevi Kurkijärvi

The Argen Corporation

San Diego, CA, USA | Manufacturer of precious metal alloys for the Dental industry.
keywords: ... metal alloy, Dental, vacuum metallurgy, homogeneous alloys San Diego CA USA Andrea Ravid, Senio...

CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals

Newtown, PA, USA | Medical therapies to the Dental and dermatology markets.
keywords: Dental, dermatology Newtown PA USA Colin W. Stewart, President and Chief Executive Officer; Nancy C....

Novalar Pharmaceuticals

San Diego, CA, USA | Targeted Oral Pharmaceuticals Reducing Numbness and Pain Following Dental Procedures
keywords: OraVerse, NV-201, root canal, clindamycin, endodontist, Dental, anesthesia, biotech, oral pharmaceutical, numbness, pain

OrthoClear, Inc.

San Francisco, CA, USA | Closed shop
keywords: teeth, Dental, dentistry San Francisco CA USA

Goldstein , Garber & Salama

Atlanta, GA, USA | Dental care
keywords: Esthetic dentisty, Dental literature, Diagnostics, Orthodontics, Implantology Atlanta GA USA ronald goldstein, dds, founder, author, cosmetic dentist; David garber, dmd, periodontist


Chiyoda-ku, Japan | Pharmaceuticals and medical devices, based on glycoscience.
keywords: pharmaceuticals, devices, glycoscience, diagnostics, Dental, sodium, knee, shoulder, arthritis, opegan, artz

Ivoclar Vivadent

Schaan, Liechtenstein | Comprehensive systems for the Dental practice and laboratory.
keywords: Dental, laboratory, teeth, tetric, ceram, amalgams, endontics, varnishes, pastes, targis, vectris

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