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OncoSec Medical

San Diego, CA, USA | Developing novel, localized anti-cancer therapies to avert side-effects
keywords: Oncology, metastatic cancer, melanoma, metastasis, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, Dermatology, DrugDelivery, San Diego CA USA Punit Dhillon, President and CEO; Caryn Peterson, Vice President

DermTech International

La Jolla, CA, USA | DermTech International creates non-invasive tests to harvest a person\'s skin cells and detect disease, specifically melanoma.
keywords: Dermatology, skin, testing, safety, dna, services, products, Diagnostics Diagnostics, Oncology, Genetic Profiling Diagnostics, Melanoma. La Jolla CA USA George B. Schwartz

Michelson Diagnostics

Orpington, United Kingdom |
keywords: ... Imaging, Subderma Tissue, Non-Invasive, Dermatology, Tissue Imaging Orpington Kent United Kingdom Jo...

Convoy Therapeutics

Las Vegas, United States | Skin delivery technologies for skin diseases and cancers
keywords: Dermatology, Psoriasis, Aging, Eczema, ACTUS, SPACE, Peptide, Peptidedeliverysystem, Wrinkles, Aesthetics Las Vegas Nevada United States Dr. John Muraski, CEO/Managing Director Dr. Robert Davis

Immune Pharmaceuticals

New York, NY, USA | Develops drugs to fight Neurodegenerative diseases and cancer.
keywords: inflammatory disease, ulcerative colitis, colitis, asthma, monoclonal antibodies, opthalmology, AMD, Dermatology, oncology, cancer New York NY USA Marc Rotherberg, Chief Scientific Officer; Suzy Jones

Eqalix, Inc.

Reston, VA, USA | Developing the first plant protein-based skin substitute wound dressing to replace human and animal sourced products. Also developing small diameter vascular graft and three dimensional tissue scaffolds.
keywords: regenerative medicine, wound healing, woundcare, Dermatology, aesthetics, beauty, cardiovascular, nanotechnology, tissue engineering, tissue scaffolds, orthopedics Reston VA USA Joseph P. Connell

Genomic Expression Inc

New York, NY, USA | Digital array for biomarker discovery.
keywords: genomics, digital array, DNA barcode, Denmark, discovery tools, genome, detection tools, diagnostics, gene chip, gene array, next generation sequencing.Allergy

Ellman International, Inc.

Oceanside, NY, USA | Radiofrequency (RF) and laser products for precision surgical and aesthetic procedures.
keywords: ophthalmology, Dermatology, radiofrequency, RF, laser, surgery, aesthetics, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, skin resurfacing, skin rejuvenation

Apricus Bio

San Diego, CA, USA | Drug delivery technology focused on Dermatology, sexual dysfunction, and cancer.
keywords: Dermatology, sexual dysfunction, cancer, drug delivery, oncology, CRO San Diego CA USA Bassam B. Dam...

Actus Biotechnologies, Inc.

Las Vegas, NV, USA | Commercialization of innovative transformative technologies and drugs
keywords: Cancer, Targeting, Dermatology, Transdermal Delivary, Glioblastoma Las Vegas NV USA Dr. John Muraski, Ph.D., Managing Partner; Robert Davis MD, Managing Partner

IRIDEX Corporation

Mountain View, CA, USA | Laser systems to treat eye diseases
keywords: laser, ophthalmology, Dermatology, blindness, diabetes, blood sugar, diabetic, metabolic, photocoagulation, acquisitions, organic growth

Transdel Pharmaceuticals

La Jolla, CA, USA | Specialty pharmaceutical company developing non-invasive, topically delivered products.
keywords: Dermatology, pain management La Jolla CA USA John T. Lomoro, Acting Chief Executive Officer/Chief Fi...


San Francisco, United States | Small molecule LFA-1 inhibitors to treat inflammatory diseases.
keywords: ... diseases, ophthalmology, peri-ocular, Dermatology San Francisco CA United States Thomas Gadek, CEO; ...


Montgomeryville, PA, USA | Laser systems for the treatment of psoriasis and vitiligo.
keywords: Dermatology, plastic surgery, skin care, j2008b Montgomeryville PA USA Jeffrey F. O\'Donnell, Presid...

Phytoceuticals, Ltd.

Zurich, Switzerland | Develops or acquires intellectual property from natural product extracts. Their current product is a primary wound dressing spray that improves wound healing.
keywords: woundcare, Dermatology, spray, natural, plant-derived, neem, St. John\'s Wort oil, desiccation, contamination Zurich Switzerland Eduardo Theiler, CEO; Rolf Senn, COO; Nelly Dietiker


Redwood City, United States | Develops and commercializes technology driven products for aesthetic medicine.
keywords: ... Dermatology, plastic surgery, frown lines, forehead lines, crow�s feet, facial rejuvenation, ae...

Ligand Pharmaceuticals

San Diego, CA, USA | New drugs that address critical unmet medical needs.
keywords: ... Dermatology, Cardiology, cancer, hormone-related diseases, osteoporosis, metabolic disorders, cardio...

Oculus Innovative Sciences

Petaluma, CA, USA | Tissue care products based upon the Microcyn� Technology platform
keywords: Oculus, Microcyn, Vetericyn, Dermacyn, Hypochlorous Acid, Wound Care, Dermatology, Oral Care, Petaluma CA USA Hoji Alimi, Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board; James Schutz

Kythera Biopharmaceuticals

Calabasas,, CA, USA | Focused on science and innovation in aesthetic and restorative Dermatology
keywords: Aesthetics, plastic surgery, skin care Calabasas, CA USA Keith Leonard, President and Chief Executiv...


Mesa, AZ, USA | Ultrasound Products for Acne treatment.
keywords: acne, facial skin rejuvenation, Dermatology, aesthetics, Dermatology Mesa AZ USA Brian O\'Connor, CEO

Aesthetic Factors

SELPHYL� is used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons to harness the patient�s own biology and platelets to naturally fill skin depressions.
keywords: Aesthetics, Dermatology, Plastic surgery. Bethlehem, PA 18018


Irvine, CA, CA, USA | Molecular Dermatology company developing new prescription based therapies for skin conditions
keywords: Genetics, Dermatology. Irvine, CA CA USA


Quincy, MA, USA | Non-Surgical Approach to Normalizing Skin Appearance
keywords: Aesthetics, Dermatology, Regenerative Medicine, Surgery. Adipogenesis, Age-Related Wrinkles, Reconstructive Surgery Quincy MA USA Dr. Eva Turley and Dr. Mina Bissell, Principal Investigators

Pergamum AB

Fogdevreten 2a 171 65 Sona, Sweden | Pergamum is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company with a particular focus on Dermatology and wound healing.
keywords: Dermatology Fogdevreten 2a 171 65 Sona Sweden


Emeryville, CA, USA | Dermatology-focused specialty pharmaceuticals with a focus on hair loss.
keywords: Dermatology, hair growth, peptide, preclinical Emeryville CA USA Eugene Bauer, M.D., CEO; Clarence Dellio, President and COO

Hill Dermaceuticals

Sanford, FL, USA | Develop Dermatology products for adults and children
keywords: Dermatology products, skin diseases, scalp psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, chronic, itchy ears Sanford FL USA

Signum Dermalogix

Argyle is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of innovative products to address major medical needs in the field of Dermatology.
keywords: Dermatology, biopharmaceutical, inflammatory skin disease Monmouth Junction NJ

Focus Pharmaceuticals

Arkansas, USA | Generic and branded Dermatology products.
keywords: drugs, pharmaceuticals, psoriasis, acne, cutaneous, skin, Dermatology Arkansas USA Gregory B Little, President and Chief Executive Officer;Jur T. Strobos; Laura S. Tanner; Richard R. Dolighan

Biofrontera Pharmaceuticals Holding

Leverkusen, Germany | Drug development in the areas of Dermatology and inflammation.
keywords: pharma, Dermatology, inflammation, aminolevunilic, derm1, compound, drugs, Leverkusen Germany Prof. Hermann Lübbert, PhD; Werner Pehlemann; Reinhold Gahlmann, PhD

Adams Healthcare Ecolab

Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom | Dermatology and contamination control products.
keywords: Dermatology, contamination, control, quinoderm, acne. oc8, oily, shiny, skin, hydromol, eczema, dry Leeds

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