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Strategic Diagnostics Inc.

Newark, Delaware, USA | Antibodies and immunoreagents for a broad range of applications.
keywords: contaminated waste site assessment, water quality management, food labeling, transgenic crop seed pr...

Athena Diagnostics

Worcester, MA, USA | Refrerence laboratory: diagnostic testing for neurological disorders.
keywords: healthcare, neurology, Diagnostics Worcester MA USA Robert E. Flaherty, President, CEO, Director; Jeffrey N. Weisberg, SVP, Financial Operations, CFO, Secretary, Treasurer; Carl Ludvigsen

CustomArray, Inc.

Bothell, WA, USA | Produces customizable mircoarrays.
keywords: miRNA, gene, expression, genome, Diagnostics, array, spotted, DNA, microarray, microscope Bothell WA USA


Waltham, MA, USA | Diagnosis and treatment of neurological complications of diabetes.
keywords: ... Diagnostics, diabetes Diagnostics, pain management, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, SENSUS, NC-stat ...

Epinex Diagnostics

Irvine, CA, USA | Develops rapid assays for point-of-care and over-the-counter use
keywords: Diagnostics, Diabetes Irvine CA USA Asad R. Zaidi, President & CEO; Henry J. Smith, Chief Technology...

Vesselon Inc

Norwalk, CT, USA | Enabling paramedics to begin prehospital treatment of stroke victims.
keywords: ... Drug Delivery, Imaging, Neurology, Stroke, Diagnostics Norwalk CT USA Clay Larsen, Vesselon CEO and ...


Hatfield, PA, USA | Manufactures kits for detection of nucleic acids and proteins.
keywords: Diagnostics, kits, nucleic, proteins, manufactures, cellular, arrays, cDNA, DNA Hatfield PA USA Robert C. Getts, CSO; James M. Kadushin, COO.

Hemacon GmbH

Develops technology that treats and identifies blood related disease.
keywords: Pulmonology, blood, Diagnostics, transfusions, loss, red, cell, fiber, erythrocytes, tech, disease

AccuGenomics Inc.

Wilmington, US | Gene expression tests for cancer diagnosis and treatment
keywords: KIP2018, gene expression tests, molecular Diagnostics, lung cancer, cancer, nucleic acid, standardization, internal standards Wilmington NC US Nick Lazaridis, President; Manfred Frey, CFO


Las Vegas, United States | Uses nanotechnology to improve vascular treatment and imaging.
keywords: Imaging, Cardiology, treatment, nanotechnology, Oncology, Diagnostics, amino, acid Las Vegas Delaware United States John Muraski, Ph.D., Managing Director; Robert Davis MD, Managing Director;

Cognoptix, Inc.

Acton, MA, USA | develops technology to detect Alzheimer\'s disease.
keywords: Diagnostics, Alzheimer\'s, Alzheimer, Alzheimers, biotech, eye, Ophthalmology, test Acton MA USA Paul Hartung, President and CEO; Gerald D. Cagle, PhD, Chief Operating Officer; Tom Trometer

Response Biomedical Corp.

Vancouver, Canada | Commercializes a convenient diagnostic immunoassay platform.
keywords: Diagnostics, testing, j2008, Cardiology, Pulmonology, immunoassay, heartattack, congestiveheartfailure, influenza, anthrax, smallpox Vancouver BC Canada Jeffrey L Puvrin


Northbrook, IL, USA | Nanotechnology-based life sciences company.
keywords: ... sciences, nanotechnology, nanoparticle probes, infectious disease, Diagnostics Northbrook IL USA Wil...


Tampa, FL, USA | Oragenics develops novel products and Diagnostics.
keywords: replacement therapy, antibiotic, infectuous disease, oral probiotic, Dental, Infectious Disease, hea...

Bionosis, Inc.

Vancouver, Canada | SOFIA (â??Surround Optical Fiber Immunoassayâ?) is a unique biomarker detection technology best characterized by its unprecedented 10 zepto-gram (10^-20 g) limit-of-detection and 12-log dynamic range, making it upwards of a million times more sensitive than current industry-best technologies. Bionosis is commercializing SOFIA to significantly enhance biomarker research, and is also developing the technology for clinical application in Alzheimerâ??s Disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.
keywords: Diagnostics, biomarkers, Alzheimer\'s, CTE, TBI, prions, mad cow disease, BSE, vCJD Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Ortho Kinematics

Austin, United States | Spine Diagnostics company focused on spine motion analysis products and services.
keywords: ... pain, Diagnostics, spine, Vertebral Motion Analyzer, Orthopedics, Diagnostics Austin TX United State... ... pain, Diagnostics, spine, Vertebral Motion Analyzer, Orthopedics, Diagnostics Austin TX United State...

Cervilenz Inc

Chagrin Falls, OH, USA | Cervical length measurement to determine risk of preterm birth
keywords: ... health, Ob-Gyn, short cervix, PTB, preterm birth, cervical length, device, Diagnostics, obstetrician...


Fort Myers, FL, USA | Cancer genetics testing laboratory
keywords: ... pathology, cancer genetics testing, molecular Diagnostics Fort Myers FL USA Douglas VanOort, Chairma...

S.E.A. Medical Systems, Inc.

Emerald Hills, United States | Products for safe preparation, delivery and disposal of liquid drugs.
keywords: IV technology, IV check, smart iv, disposable, sensor, inexpensive, intravenous, IV preparation, administration, waste disposal, diversion detection

XDx Inc.

Brisbane, CA, USA | Molecular Diagnostics to translate immune status into clinically actionable information.
keywords: molecular Diagnostics, immune, heart transplant, non-invasive, rejection, advamed Brisbane CA USA Pierre Cassigneul, President & CEO; Dr. James Yee, CMO; Jean-Frederic Viret, CFO

Accord Biosciences

Sylvania, OH, USA | Nitric oxide sensing technology in blood for biomarker assays, Diagnostics and research tools.
keywords: Nitric oxide, nitrosothiols, Diagnostics, pulmonary arterial hypertension, preeclampsia, sepsis Sylvania OH USA Kristyn R. Aalto, President; Michael R. Pisano, Chief Technology Officer


Menlo Park, United States | Point-of-care Diagnostics and consumer health applications
keywords: Diagnostics, Point-of-care, POC, POCDx, Consumer Health, Hydration, Dehydration, Prevention, Wellness, sensors, microfluidic

Cambridge Heart

Tewksbury, MA, USA | Measures subtle heartbeat fluctuations to identify patients at risk for sudden cardiac arrest
keywords: Cardiovascular, Cardiology, cardiac, heart, heart disease, heart Diagnostics, Diagnostics, noninvasive, non-invasive, stress tests Tewksbury MA USA Ali Haghighi-Mood, PhD

Insight Diagnostics

Las Vegas, United States | Technology that can evaluate and diagnose soft tissue injuries
keywords: Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment, EFA, soft tissue injuries Las Vegas NV United States Matthew Colpoys, CEO; MaryRose Reaston, Ph.D, President; Phil Reaston, CTO

Exact Sciences

Molecular Diagnostics company focused on colorectal cancer
keywords: Diagnostics, Oncology, cancer, molecular Madison WI Kevin T. Conroy, President and Chief Executive ...

BiOptix Diagnostics

Boulder, CO, USA | A platform instrument applicable to robust, real-time, quantitative detection of a wide variety of molecules and micro-organisms
keywords: biosensor, interferometry, surface plasmon resonance, Boulder CO USA Richard Whitcomb, President and...


Cleveland, OH, USA | Molecular Biomarker Technologies and Diagnostics for Cardiovascular and Immunological Applications
keywords: ... Diagnostics, Immunology. Molecular Biomarkers, Inflammation, Assay Cleveland OH USA Jake Orville, Pr...


Towson, Maryland, USA | Point-of-care Diagnostics for infectious diseases and blood analysis.
keywords: ... technology, actionable Diagnostics, flow cytometry Towson Maryland USA Mr. Walter Drimer, Chairman o...


Berlin, Germany | Molecular diagnostic technology for the earlier detection of cancer
keywords: molecular, Diagnostics, early detection, treatment, cancer, diseases, DNA, genes, methylation, oncology, cells

QuantRX Biomedical

Doylestown, United States | Products for advanced diagnosis of serious disease and health conditions.
keywords: ... health, women's, womenshealth, Diagnostics, hemorrhoid Doylestown PA United States Walter W. Witoshk...

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