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OncoSec Medical

San Diego, CA, USA | Developing novel, localized anti-cancer therapies to avert side-effects
keywords: Oncology, metastatic cancer, melanoma, metastasis, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, dermatology, DrugDelivery, San Diego CA USA Punit Dhillon, President and CEO; Caryn Peterson, Vice President

Interface Biologics, Inc.

Toronto, Canada | Advancing biomedical polymer technologies that enhance the safety and effectiveness of implantable medical devices
keywords: ... devices, biomedical polymer technology, anti-thrombogenic, DrugDelivery, anti-infection, angioplasty,...

NanoViricides, Inc.

West Haven, CT, USA | Anti-viral drugs to fight HIV, influenza, and other infections
keywords: anti-viral drugs, HIVAIDS, dengue, influenza, herpes, adenovirus, keratitis, Immunology, DrugDelivery, infectiousdiseases West Haven CT USA Eugene Seymour, MD

AcuityBio Corporation

Newton, U.S | Commercializes polymer DrugDelivery technologies to treat soft tissue cancers.
keywords: KIP2018, Novel, polymer, drug delivery, technologies, soft tissue, cancer, Oncology Newton Massachus...

A.P. Pharma

Redwood City, CA, USA | Microfluidic devices for improved drug delivery
keywords: ... delivery technology, pain management, anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, oncology, ophth... ... anti-infective, oncology, ophthalmology, device coatings, DNA delivery, PainManagement, DrugDelivery ...

Echo Therapeutics

Franklin, United States | Transdermal medical device and specialty pharmaceuticals company.
keywords: ... medication, drugs, ultrasonic, drug delivery, DrugDelivery Franklin MA United States Patrick T. Moone...

Biomade Technology

Groningen, Netherlands | Independent research institute, with a focus on nanotechnology.
keywords: Vaccines, Drug Delivery, injection, drug solubilisation, DrugDelivery Groningen Netherlands

Cape Biotech

Observatory Cape Town, South Africa | Forum to facilitate communication between researchers, industry and government.
keywords: Vaccines, Drug Delivery, injection, Bioprospecting, DrugDelivery Observatory Cape Town South Africa


Henrietta, NY, USA | Drug delivery technologies to formulate compounds into nanoparticles.
keywords: drug delivery, pharmaceuticals, nanoparticles, amorphous, DrugDelivery Henrietta NY USA Michael Violante, Ph.D., President

Hitsamitsu California Labs

Carlsbad, CA, USA | Transdermal therapeutic systems for pain relief.
keywords: transdermal pain relief, drug delivery, DrugDelivery Carlsbad CA USA Nakatomi Hirotaka, President and CEO

Advanced Drug Delivery Technologies

Reinach, Switzerland | Develops pharmaceutical and analytical formulations and manufacturing processes.
keywords: drug delivery, formulation, generic, development, production, technical documentation, DrugDelivery Reinach Switzerland Manfred Kohlmeyer, Ph.D.; Burkhard Schlütermann, Ph.D.

Minerva Healthcare

Mill Valley, CA, USA | Drug Reformulation Platform
keywords: reformulation, patent, DrugDelivery, drug delivery, fixed ratio drug combinations Mill Valley CA USA Nigel Ten Fleming, Ph.D, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer; Bob Ferri, MPA, Director

Accentia BioPharmaceuticals

Tampa, FL, USA | provides comprehensive abilities to commercialize biopharmaceuticals.
keywords: ... therapeutics, drug delivery technologies, respiratory, oncology, critical care, DrugDelivery Tampa FL...

Bentley Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Exeter, NH, USA | Advanced drug delivery technologies and pharmaceutical products.
keywords: drug delivery, DrugDelivery Exeter NH USA James R. Murphy, President and CEO; Michael McGovern, Vice Chairman; Miguel Fernandez, Director; John W. Spiegel, Director

Micell Technologies

Raleigh, NC, USA | Advancing combination product therapies in the cardiovascular, orthopedic, and drug-delivery areas.
keywords: cardiovascular, orthopedic, drug delivery, advamed, DrugDelivery Raleigh NC USA

Profile Therapeutics

Chichester, United Kingdom | Drug delivery by inhalation for the treatment of chronic conditions.
keywords: pharmaceuticals, inhalation, respiratory, pulmonary, chronic, diseases, erosol drug delivery, DrugDelivery Chichester West Sussex United Kingdom John Lisle, Chief Executive Officer

NanoDel Technologies

Magdeburg, Germany | Drug delivery systems based on polymeric nanoparticles for targeting drugs to specific organs
keywords: ... delivery, pharmaceuticals, blood, brain, endothelial, receptors, nanotechnology, DrugDelivery Magdebu...

Global Pharmaceuticals

Chalfont, PA, USA | Generic formulations and drug delivery technology development.
keywords: drug delivery, pharmaceuticals, generic, DrugDelivery Chalfont PA USA

CIS Pharma

Bubendorf, Switzerland | Surface active compounds.
keywords: surface active compounds, optical lenses, drug delivery, DrugDelivery Bubendorf Switzerland Rolf Schäfer, PhD, CEO; Doris Schäfer, PhD, CFO; Hans Hitz, PhD, Head R&D; Christoph Schäfer, MBA

Arizeke Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

San Diego, CA, USA | Protein drug delivery.
keywords: protein, drug delivery, oral delivery, gene, large molecule, active transport system, DrugDelivery San Diego CA USA Dave Sudolsky, President and CEO; Seth Goldman, Vice President, Finance


Beverly Hills, CA, USA | Drug delivery devices for liquid and lyophilized drugs.
keywords: drug delivery, pharmaceuticals, injection, liquid, lyophilized, DrugDelivery Beverly Hills CA USA Thomas Castellano, Chief Design Engineer and Chief Executive Officer

Eiffel Technologies

North Ryde, Australia | Re-engineering solution to enhance the performance and delivery of drug formulations.
keywords: ... delivery, solubility, pharmaceuticals, proteins, peptides, Supercritical Fluid, DrugDelivery North Ry...


Minneapolis, MN, USA | Technologies for drug delivery, cosmeceutical and dermatological applications.
keywords: ... drug delivery, technologies, patch, cosmeceuticals, dermatology, DrugDelivery Minneapolis MN USA Ted ...

Dermisonics Inc.

Irvine, CA, USA | Improve the quality of life of patients who are required to follow a drug regimen
keywords: ... drug delivery, insulin, large molecule, transdermal, insulin, DrugDelivery Irvine CA USA Bruce Haglun...


Hergiswil, Switzerland | Dry powder pulmonary drug delivery systems for self-medication applications.
keywords: drugs, pulmonary, inhalation, delivery, powder, dry, self-medication, drug delivery, DrugDelivery Hergiswil Switzerland John Brehmer, President

Novosom AG

Halle/Saale, Germany | Drug delivery technologies using nano-encapsulated liposomes.
keywords: ... delivery, pharmaceuticals, lipids, liposomes, proteins, peptides, small molecules, DrugDelivery Halle...


San Diego, CA, USA | Materials for controlling the barrier of the skin for efficient transport of therapeutics.
keywords: ... barrier, liposome, therapeutic, drug delivery, transdermal, DrugDelivery San Diego CA USA John M. New...

Muco Biomer

Leobendorf, Austria | Drug delivery technologies based on mucoadhesive biopolymers.
keywords: ... delivery, eye, opthalmic, mucosa, membranem biopolymers, DrugDelivery Leobendorf Austria Hans E. Jun...

BioLayer Corporation

Eight Mile Plains, Australia | Medical device company specializing in disposable specula.
keywords: polymers, biomimetic, diagnostic assays, clinical, research, bioseperations, drug delivery, , DrugDelivery Eight Mile Plains QLD Australia N. Joe Maeji, PhD, Chief Executive Officer; Nevin Abernethy

Piedmont Pharmaceuticals

Greensboro, NC, USA | Topical formulations for pain medication and other applications.
keywords: drug delivery, pharmaceuticals, pain, nsaids, lice, topical, transdermal, HIVAIDS, DrugDelivery Greensboro NC USA Roland Johnson, President, Chief Executive Officer and Founder; Joseph R. Dowd

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