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NanoViricides, Inc.

West Haven, CT, USA | Anti-viral drugs to fight HIV, influenza, and other infections
keywords: anti-viral drugs, HIVAIDS, dengue, influenza, herpes, adenovirus, keratitis, Immunology, DrugDelivery, InfectiousDiseases West Haven CT USA Eugene Seymour, MD

ExThera Medical Corporation

Berkeley, CA, USA | Develops devices to counter bloodstream infections.
keywords: ... diseases, bacteremia, sepsis, infection, Seraph, infectious disease, InfectiousDisease Berkeley CA USA Rob...

LG Life Sciences

Seoul, Korea | Pharmaceutical industry
keywords: Biopharmaceuticals, Metabolic, Infectious Disease, infection, bacterias, InfectiousDisease Seoul Korea

Orion Diagnostica

Espoo, Finland | Hygiene-monitoring products.
keywords: infectious disease, C-reactive protein, hormones, bone markers, InfectiousDisease Espoo Finland


Neuried, Germany | Infectious disease diagnostics.
keywords: infectious diseases, InfectiousDisease Neuried Germany


Scarborough, ME, USA | Diagnostic tools for pathogen identification.
keywords: pathogen, infectious diseases, InfectiousDisease Scarborough ME USA

Omega Diagnostics

Scotland, United Kingdom | In vitro diagnostic test kits.
keywords: infectious disease, syphilis, TB, InfectiousDisease Scotland FK United Kingdom Andrew Shepherd, Founder and Chief Executive

Bharat Biotech Intl

Hyderabad, India | To be a leader in region-specific diseases.
keywords: infectious diseases, InfectiousDisease Hyderabad AP India Dr. KRISHNA M. ELLA, Chairman & Managing Director

ACON Laboratories

San Diego, CA, USA | Blood Glucose Monitoring, Clinical Chemistry including Urinalysis, and Immunoassay products
keywords: rapid diagnostic, fertility, infectious disease, drug of abuse, tumor marker, pregnancy, InfectiousDisease San Diego CA USA Steven T. Frankel, President

Alexion Antibody Technologies

San Diego, CA, USA | Antibody therapeutics targeting severe unmet medical needs.
keywords: antibody, cancer, autoimmune disorder, infectious disease, chemotherapy-induced thrombocytopenia, InfectiousDisease San Diego CA USA Katherine S. Bowdish, Ph.D., President


Stockach, USA | Vaccines for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.
keywords: vaccine infectious disease, malaria, influenza, otitis media, bacterial meningitis, InfectiousDisease Stockach USA Martin Steiner, CEO of Apovia AG; George B Thornton, Managing Director

Imgenex Corporation

San Diego, CA, USA | Reagents for the scientific study of human biology and for the production of diagnostic assays and therapies.
keywords: functional genomics, antibodies, gene protein expression systems, molecular signaling pathways, cellular aging, metabolic, infectious diseases., InfectiousDisease, SoftwareSystems San Diego CA USA

Signature BioScience, Inc.

San Francisco, CA, USA | Qualified pre-clinical leads for potential treatment of cancer and other diseases.
keywords: cancer, screening technologies, informatics, biologic activities, infectious disease target, ovarian cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, InfectiousDisease San Francisco CA USA Mark McDade, CEO


Baltimore, Maryland, USA | Develops small molecule therapeutics and diagnostics.
keywords: ... metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, InfectiousDisease Baltimore Maryland USA Eric F. Stoer, Chairman ...

ALFA Scientific Designs

Poway, CA, USA | Rapid in-vitro diagnostic devices.
keywords: in-vitro, diagnostic device, rapid immunoassays, drug of abuse, fertility hormone, infectious disease, InfectiousDisease Poway CA USA Nai Shu Wang, M.D., Ph.D., President; rederic Gunnill, Ph.D.

Bolder BioTechnology

Boulder, CO, USA | Human protein pharmaceuticals from protein engineering technologies.
keywords: protein, pharmaceuticals, engineering, cancer, endocrine, infectious diseases, hematology, InfectiousDisease Boulder CO USA George Cox, Ph.D., President and Chief Scientific Officer

Corixa Corporation

Seattle, WA, USA | Development and discovery of immunotherapeutic products
keywords: oncology, Bexxar, immunotherapeutics, immune system, medarex, rituximab-refractory, antibody, vaccine, infectious disease, agonists, antagonists

SingVax Pte

, Singapore | Internationally-competitive vaccine company
keywords: ... Infectious Disease, infection, bacterias, InfectiousDisease Singapore Dr John Brown, Chairman Board of D...

Cenetron Diagnostics

Austin, TX, USA | Molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases and genetic profiling arrays.
keywords: ... diseases, InfectiousDisease Austin TX USA Dwight B. DuBois, MD, President, Laboratory Director; Brandon Ha...

Ondine Biopharma

Vancouver, Canada | Photodynamic disinfection that does not strengthen microbial immunity and works instantaneously.
keywords: InfectiousDisease, infectious disease, infectioncontrol, infection control Vancouver BC Canada Car...

NAEJA Pharmaceutical

Edmonton, Canada | Pre-clinical discovery and development.
keywords: ... discovery, development, infectious disease, inflammation, cancer, cardiovascular disease, InfectiousDiseas...


Woburn, MA, USA | Develops molecular diagnostic tests to help prevent infectious diseases
keywords: ... diseases, InfectiousDisease Woburn MA USA Thais T. Johansen, MBA, President & CEO; Henrik Stender, Ph.D., ...


South San Fransisco, CA, USA | Products for the prevention and treatment of human infectious disease.
keywords: ... smallpox, recombinant technology, infectious disease, InfectiousDisease South San Fransisco CA USA James P...

Signet Laboratories

Dedham, MA, USA | Monoclonal antibodies and diagnostic assays for cancer and infectious disease.
keywords: antibodies, assays, cancer, infectious disease, neurodegenerative disease, InfectiousDisease Dedham MA USA

Hemagen Diagnostics

Columbia, MD, USA | Medical diagnostic test kits and clinical chemistry reagents.
keywords: ... assays, clinical chemistry regents, diagnostic test kits, diagnosis, infectious disease, autoimmune diseas... ... diagnosis, infectious disease, autoimmune disease, InfectiousDisease Columbia MD USA William P. Hales, Cha...

Smart Drug Systems Inc.

Pawcatuck, CT, USA | Drug delivery systems for animal health and lives.
keywords: ... delivery, animal health, infectious disease, reproductive management, InfectiousDisease, DrugDelivery Pawc...

Chromos Molecular Systems

North Vancouver, Canada | Immune and gene-based cell therapies and cell lines for biopharmaceutical production.
keywords: ... infectious diseases, genetic disorders, gene, immune, biopharmaceutical, InfectiousDisease North Vancouver...

Applied Gene Technologies, Inc.

Alachua, FL, USA | Nucleic acid based products for diagnosis of infectious diseases and cancer.
keywords: ... acid, infectious disease, cancer, point-of-care, DNA diagnostic product, InfectiousDisease Alachua FL USA ...


Markham, Canada | Therapeutic products using proprietary drug delivery technology.
keywords: ... delivery, therapeutic, compounds poorly soluble in water, Osteoarthritis and Infectious Disease, infection... ... Osteoarthritis and Infectious Disease, infection, bacteria, InfectiousDisease, DrugDelivery Markham Ontari...

Stressgen Biotechnologies Corporation

Victoria, Canada | Proprietary immunotherapeutics for the treatment of infectious disease and cancer.
keywords: ... infectious disease, cancer, stress protein, immune system, human papilloma virus, HPV, InfectiousDisease V...

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