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Biovista, Inc.

Charlottesville, United States | Repurposing drugs for unmet clinical needs.
keywords: KIP2018, ocular, opthalmology, diabetes, Obesity, CNS, oncology Charlottesville VA United States Andreas Persidis Ph.D., CEO, Co-Founder; Aris Persidis Ph.D, President, Co-Founder; Graham Anthony

Embera NeuroTherapeutics

Sudbury, MA, USA | Novel treatments for smoking cessation and cocaine dependence
keywords: ... cocaine addiction, nicotine, smoking cessation, Obesity, mental health Sudbury MA USA Robert B. ...


Abingdon, United Kingdom | Developed a continuous intravascular glucose sensor for use in the ICU market to enable implementation of Tight Glycemic Control (TGC) protocols
keywords: ... monitoring, intravascular, optical fluorescence-based sensor, tight glycemic control, insulin th... ... sensor, tight glycemic control, insulin therapy, diabetes, Obesity Abingdon Oxfordshire United K...

BioSculpture Technology, Inc.

West Palm Beach, FL, USA | Develops medical devices to address bariatric surgery needs and adipose tissue targeting
keywords: weightloss, liposuctio, lipo, bariatric, body sculpting, fat, adipose, medical devices, Obesity West Palm Beach FL USA Robert L. Cucin, M.D, F.A.C.S

Stevia First Corporation

Yuba City, CA, USA | Cultivation of stevia, the all-natural zero-calorie sweetener that is transforming the food and beverage industry.
keywords: sweetener, diabetes, glycemic, glucose, blood-glucose, Obesity, artificial Yuba City CA USA Robert Brooke, CEO; Richard McKilligan, CFO

Endosphere, Inc.

Columbus, United States | Developed and perfected a noninvasive and incisionless device that treats Obesity and its co-morbidities.
keywords: ... implant, surgery, Obesity, diabetes, appetite control, duodenum, glucose Columbus OH United Stat...


Paris, France | Enterome is a stratified medicine company
keywords: personalized, Gastroenterology, biomarkers, medicine, disease, inflammatory, bowel, NAFLD, NASH, Obesity, Diabetes Paris France Pierre Belichard

Targeted Medical Pharma, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA, USA | Produces medical food as alternative to traditional medicine.
keywords: ... acid based food, hypertension, Obesity, sleep Los Angeles CA USA William Shell M.D., CEO Kim Gif...

Lightlake Therapeutics Inc.

London, UK | Develops treatments to combat and treat addiction, including drug addiction and eating disorders.
keywords: Obesity, eating disorder, eating, disorder, biopharma, addiction, drugs, device London UK Dr. Michael Sinclair, Chairman; Dr. Roger Crystal, Chief Executive Officer; Kevin Pollack, Esq.

Boston Therapeutics, Inc.

Manchester, NH, USA | Novel treatments for diabetes, Obesity, necrosis, and inflammatory diseases.
keywords: Diabetes, Infection Control, Infectious Disease, functions, oncology, Necrosis Manchester NH USA Dav...

Genomic Expression Inc

New York, NY, USA | Digital array for biomarker discovery.
keywords: genomics, digital array, DNA barcode, Denmark, discovery tools, genome, detection tools, diagnostics, gene chip, gene array, next generation sequencing.Allergy

Silhouette Medical

Salinas, United States | Minimally invasive technologies that treat overweight or obese individuals
keywords: developmental-stage, Obesity, Salinas, California Salinas CA United States Stuart Edwards- CEO

Unigene Laboratories

Boonton, NJ, USA | Peptide pharmaceutical for disease prevention, treatment
keywords: ... osteoarthritis, Obesity, endometriosis, prostate, peptide Boonton NJ USA Warren Levy, Ph.D., Pre...


Minneapolis,, MN, USA | Activity-Based Weight Management Products
keywords: Obesity Minneapolis, MN USA Tom Hudson, CEO; Jim Meyer, President and COO; Bret Otzenberger, Vice Pr...

PureTech Ventures

Develops treatments for Obesity and other gastrointestinal disorders
keywords: Obesity, gastrointestinal, aesthetics Boston MA Dr.John Zabriskie, CoFounder; Dr. Bennett Shapiro, ...


Napa, CA, USA | Medical device system for non-invasively treating Obesity.
keywords: non-invasive, Obesity, weight loss Napa CA USA

MSO Medical

Bannockburn, IL, USA | Obesity Disease Management for the comprehensive, cost-effective treatment for Obesity.
keywords: Obesity, Disease Management, treatment Bannockburn IL USA Albert J. Henry, Chairman & CEO; Steven C....

Obetat Biopharma

Jersey City, NJ, USA | Fat burning drug to treat severe and morbid Obesity
keywords: Obesity, fat reducing Jersey City NJ USA Yong H. Rho, RPh, MBA Co-Founder & CEO; Man-Wook Hur, PhD Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer


Ledoeje, Denmark | Services for biopharmaceutical companies developing drugs targeting diabetes and Obesity.
keywords: diabete, Obesity, pre-clinical research, metabolic syndrome Ledoeje DK Denmark Philip Just Larsen, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer; Niels Vrang, M.D, Ph.D., Manager


Maple Grove, MN, USA | develops less invasive treatment for morbid Obesity
keywords: less invasive, morbid Obesity Maple Grove MN USA James Wright- President; Mitchell Dunn- Chairman


, USA | Medical device company focused on nonsurgical, nonpharmacologic therapies for Obesity.
keywords: Obesity, device, nonsurgical, developing USA


Richmond, USA. | Researchers at our Obesity Research Center are working at the cutting edge of Obesity science.
keywords: Weight Management, Body Fat, Body Weight, Calculate Your BMI, Physical Activity, Medical Conditions Richmond VA USA. Richard L. Atkinson, President


Goleta, CA, USA | Developing novel Obesity device for nonsurgical treatment
keywords: Obesity, nonsurgical Goleta CA USA HUGH NARCISO, M.S., Founder/President and CEO; ANDREA KELLY, Director, Quality Assurance; CLIFF KLINE, Director, Clinical Operations and Regulatory Affairs


LABEGE INNOPOLE, France | Preclinical CRO specializing in metabolic disorders associated to diabete, Obesity, lipid disorders (dyslipidemia, ), liver disorders (NASH/NAFLD), hypertension and cardiovascular disorders.
keywords: preclinical, in vivo, nutritional models, Obesity, diabetes, metabolic, cardiometabolic, reverse cholesterol transport, radioactive tracers, kinetic, mechanisitic studies


Boston, MA, USA | Small molecule pharmaceuticals for Obesity and its co-morbidities.
keywords: small molecule, Obesity, fat cell, enzyme, metabolite, assay, screening Boston MA USA Ed Cannon, Ph.D., President and CEO; Nils Bergenhem, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer; Gerri Waloga

Cambridge BioTechnology

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom | Drug discovery in the areas of pain and Obesity.
keywords: biotechnology, drug, discovery, pain, Obesity, electrophysiological, rna Cambridge, Cambridgeshire United Kingdom Robert Brooksbank, M.A. Ph.D., Head of Informatics; Keith Churchman, B.A.

Redpoint Bio

Ewing, NJ, USA | Healthier foods and beverages to treat diabetes, Obesity
keywords: ... enhancer, biotechnology, chemosensory, modality, Obesity Ewing NJ USA F. Raymond Salemme, Ph.D.,...


Redwood City, CA, USA | Minimally invasive medical devices for the treatment of Obesity.
keywords: ... invasive, Obesity, surgical treatment, diet Redwood City CA USA Richard S. Stack, M.D., Co-Found...


Charles City, United Kingdom | Drugs for diabetes and Obesity.
keywords: drugs, Diabetes, blood sugar, diabetic, metabolic, insulin, Obesity, assays, screens, in vivo, cells


Evry, France | Drugs for Obesity, hypercholesterolemia and type II diabetes.
keywords: biotech, targets, drugs, Obesity, hypercholesterolemia, Diabetes, blood sugar, diabetic, metabolic, insulin, intestine

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