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Cyto Wave Technologies Inc

San Francisco, United States | Developing an all-in-one cancer treatment and detection device.
keywords: Oncology, cancer, treatment, allinone, vivo, cells, cell, device, earlydetection, metastatic San Francisco California United States George Yu, President & CEO.

Cyto Wave Technologies Inc

San Francisco, United States | Developing an all-in-one cancer treatment and detection device.
keywords: Oncology, cancer, treatment, allinone, vivo, cells, cell, device, earlydetection, metastatic San Francisco California United States George Yu, President & CEO.

UE LifeSciences

Philadelphia, United States | Develops alternate breast cancer detection devices.
keywords: Womens Health, Oncology, handsfree, prowomen, sensitive, breast, breastcancer Philadelphia PA United States Mihir Shah, Founder & CEO; Matthew Campisi, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer.

Del Mar Pharmaceuticals

Vancouver, Canada | Anti-cancer therapies in new, high-impact orphan cancer indications
keywords: Oncology, Immunology, Cancer, Glioblastoma, GBM, Orphan Drug, Small Molecule, Del Mar Pharmacuticals, DelMar Vancouver BC Canada CEO Jeffrey Bacha, B.Sc., M.B.A.; CSO Dennis M. Brown


Las Vegas, United States | Uses nanotechnology to improve vascular treatment and imaging.
keywords: Imaging, Cardiology, treatment, nanotechnology, Oncology, diagnostics, amino, acid Las Vegas Delaware United States John Muraski, Ph.D., Managing Director; Robert Davis MD, Managing Director;

EpiCept Corporation

Tarrytown, NY, USA | Pharmaceutical products for the treatment of cancer and pain.
keywords: Oncology, PainManagement, Ceplene, AML, acute myeloid leukemia, neuropathic pain, NP-1, PHN, post herpetic neuralgia, vascular disruption agent, VDA

Actium BioSystems

Houston, TX, USA | Develops treatments for cancers with nanotechnology & various other biotech.
keywords: Oncology, bladder, nanotechnology, nanoparticles, radiation, chemotherapy, urethra, immunotherapy, tumor, electromagnetic, cancer Houston TX USA Dan McKenna

Immune Pharmaceuticals

New York, NY, USA | Develops drugs to fight Neurodegenerative diseases and cancer.
keywords: inflammatory disease, ulcerative colitis, colitis, asthma, monoclonal antibodies, opthalmology, AMD, dermatology, Oncology, cancer New York NY USA Marc Rotherberg, Chief Scientific Officer; Suzy Jones

ProtAffin Biotechnologie AG

Reininghausstrasse 13a, Austria | Protein-glycan interactions to address medical conditions in respiratory medicine, inflammation and Oncology.
keywords: Oncology, protein, glycan, Reininghausstrasse 13a A-8020 Graz Austria

TNI BioTech, Inc. - PUBLIC

Develops biotech to combat various diseases.
keywords: ... biotech, cancer, cell, Oncology, immune, organs. blood, Pulmonology Bethesda MD Dr. Eugene Youki...

Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc

Bethesda, MD, USA | Immunotherapy products for cancer treatment
keywords: Oncology, brain, Urology, prostate, urinary, bladder, erectile, cancer, mouse cell, immunotherapy Bethesda MD USA Linda F. Powers, Chief Executive Officer; Alton L. Boynton


Manassas, VA, USA | Develops microbiome-based molecular diagnostics
keywords: Cancer, gastrointestinal, autoimmune, metabolic disease, Diagnostics, Oncology, Gastroenterology, Immunology, biomarker, computational biology, bioinformatics

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc.

Cambridge, MA, USA | Drugs based on synthetic antisense RNA and synthetic peptide.
keywords: ... synthetic oligonucleotide, synthetic peptide, resteosis, cancer, Oncology, Infectious Disease Cam...


Frederick, MD, USA | Develops biotech to combat colon cancer.
keywords: Oncology, Immunology, cancer, colon, carcinoma, renal, melanoma, vaccine, cell, pain, PainManagement

Genetic Immunity

McLean, VA, USA | Develops and commercialized a new class of immunotherapeutic biologics
keywords: Immune response, therapies, immunology, Oncology, HIV, vaccine, therapeutic, dermavir McLean VA USA Julianna Lisziewicz, PhD, President, CEO


Fort Myers, FL, USA | Cancer genetics testing laboratory
keywords: Oncology, pathology, cancer genetics testing, molecular diagnostics Fort Myers FL USA Douglas VanOor...

Boston Therapeutics, Inc.

Manchester, NH, USA | Novel treatments for diabetes, obesity, necrosis, and inflammatory diseases.
keywords: ... Infection Control, Infectious Disease, functions, Oncology, Necrosis Manchester NH USA David Plat...

Genomic Expression Inc

New York, NY, USA | Digital array for biomarker discovery.
keywords: genomics, digital array, DNA barcode, Denmark, discovery tools, genome, detection tools, diagnostics, gene chip, gene array, next generation sequencing.Allergy

Telik, Inc.

Palo Alto, CA, USA | Small molecule drugs to treat cancer
keywords: Oncology Palo Alto CA USA Michael M. Wick, M.D., Ph.D., Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Presid...

Ascalon International

Scottsdale, United States | Privately held Oncology-focused drug development company
keywords: ... Oncology Scottsdale AZ United States Richard Love, Chairman; Edward L. Jacobs, President and Chie...

Johnson & Johnson

New Brunswick, NJ, USA | Provides pharmaceuticals products to treat disorders related to hematology, neurology, Oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, pain management and contraception
keywords: brain health, cardiology, infectious disease, immunology, Oncology, pain management, contraception, New Brunswick NJ USA Mary Sue Coleman, Ph.D., President, University of Michigan; James G. Cullen

PDS Biotechnology Corporation

North Brunswick, NJ, USA | Potent nanoparticle therapy to treat head and neck cancers
keywords: Oncology, Infectious Disease North Brunswick NJ USA Frank Bedu-Addo, PhD, President and CEO Gregory Conn, PhD, CSO

Adherex Technologies, Inc.

Research Triangle Park 68 TW Alexander Drive, NC, USA | Novel drug adjuncts that maximize the therapeutic effect of currently used cancer drugs.
keywords: Oncology, cancer drugs, angiogenics, angiogenesis, tumor, 5-FU Research Triangle Park 68 TW Alexander Drive NC USA Rostislav Raykov, CEO; Robert Andrade, CFO; Tom Spector, CSO


Vancouver, Canada | therapeutics for treating cancers, inflammatory & autoimmune diseases
keywords: ... protein therapeutics, cancer, Oncology, autoimmune disease, Vancouver BC Canada Dr. Ali Tehrani, ...

Soligenix, Inc

Princeton, NJ, USA | Developing products to treat life-threatening side effects of cancer treatments and serious gastrointestinal diseases, and vaccines for certain bioterrorism agents
keywords: Bioterrorism, Oncology, head and neck cancer Princeton NJ USA Evan Myrianthopoulos, Senior Vice-President and CFO; Christopher J Schaber, PhD, President and CEO

Tolera Therapeutics

Kalamazoo, MI, USA | T-Cell Modulation for Treatment of Autoimmune Disorders, Transplant
keywords: Phase 2, monoclonal antibody, immunology, transplant, T-cell therapy, TCR, induction, autoimmune, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Oncology Kalamazoo MI USA John J. Puisis

Mirna Therapeutics, Inc.

Austin, TX, USA | Tumor-suppressing miRNA therapies
keywords: miRNA, cancer, miRNA Replacement Therapy, Oncology, Infectious Disease, Immunology Austin TX USA Paul Lammers, MD, President & CEO; Ana Ward, Esq., M.S., M.B.A.

Biovest International

Tampa, FL, USA | Manufacturer of biological drugs to treat cancer.
keywords: Oncology, immunotherapy, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma Tampa FL USA Francis E. O\'Donnell, Jr. MD Chairman; S...


Moraga, United States | Develops diagnostic technology to treat underlying conditions for serious illnesses.
keywords: ... PatientMonitoring, Imaging, diabetes, stroke, cancer, Oncology, hypertension, disease Moraga CA U...

Eleison Pharmaceuticals

Princeton, NJ, USA | Acquiring, developing, and commercializing clinical stage drug candidates for orphan indications for patients with rare and life-threatening diseases.
keywords: ... Oncology, orphan indications, glufosfamide, pancreatic cancer, regulatory pathway Princeton NJ US...

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