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Soft Tissue Regeneration, Inc.

New Haven, CT, USA | Development of the application of resorbable polymer scaffold technology to address unmet need and regenerate and repair joint tissue
keywords: sports medicine, ACL, Regenerative Medicine, Orthopedics New Haven CT USA Joseph W. Reilly, President and CEO; Cato T. Laurencin, MD, PhD, Chair of Scientific Advisory Board


Glasgow, Scotland | Combines engineering with biology to develop new medical implants to help body regenerate.
keywords: ... therapeutic, Orthopedics, spine, implant, Glasgow Scotland Iain McDougall, PHD, Chief Executive Off...

Tianyin Pharmaceutical (TPI)

Chengdu, China | Produces branded generics, chinese herbal medicine and other pharmaceuticals.
keywords: generics, herbal medicine, Cardiology, Allergy, Gastroenterology, Immunology, Audiology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics Chengdu China Guoqing Jiang, MD

ISTO Technologies

St. Louis, MO, USA | Cell-Based Technologies and Biomaterials for Orthopedics Treatment
keywords: Orthopedics, cartilage and bone regeneration, regenerative technologies, spine and knee therapy, inj...

Expanding Orthopedics

Memphis, TN, USA | Designs and manufactures surgical screws.
keywords: Spine, Spinal, Medical Devices, surgery, surgical, spine surjury, ortho, orthopeadics, bone conditions, spinal fusion surgery, medical tech


Harrington Park, New Jersey, USA | Designs, patents, and commercializes devices and therapeutics for back pain.
keywords: Orthopedics, DPI, Back, PainManagement Harrington Park New Jersey USA Peter A. Zahos, MD, CEO; Marvin A. Collin, VP of Development

Boss Medical

Baltimore, MD, USA | Novel system to harvest bone grafts.
keywords: Surgery, graft, invasive, minimallyinvasive, Harvester, regenerative, Orthopedics, autograft, surgeons, bone, bonefusion

Active Implants Corporation

Memphis, United States | biological and engineering concepts to create a pliable implant infrastructure that closely emulates skeletal biomechanics.
keywords: EMT Summit, Orthopedics Memphis TN United States Stephen Bradshaw- President/CEO; Larry Kluge- COO; Michael Lewis- Executive VP

VertiFlex, Inc.

San Clemente, CA, USA | Develops invasive tech solutions to alleviate lumbar pain.
keywords: Orthopedics, Spine, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Spinal Stenosis, Medical Device, San Clemente CA USA...

HealthLink Europe

Medical Device Distribution, Multilingual Customer Service, Financial Services
keywords: ... radiology, anesthesiology, Orthopedics, neurology, urology, consulting Raleigh NC Rick Hughes, Pres...

HistoSonics, Inc.

Ann Arbor, United States | Cavitation via ultrasound to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia
keywords: Benign prostatic hyperplasia, Histotripsy, cavitation, ultrasound, homogenization, Orthopedics, Womens Health, Urology, Histology Ann Arbor MI United States Christine Gibbon, CEO; Jim Bertolina, CTO.

Stellar Pharmaceuticals

London, UK | Therapeutic products for selected markets
keywords: osteoarthritis, hyaluronate, proteoglycan, neoVisc, anaesthetic, Orthopedics, Rheumatology, joint, joints London ON UK Peter Riehl, President; Janice Clarke, Director of Administration

Eqalix, Inc.

Reston, VA, USA | Developing the first plant protein-based skin substitute wound dressing to replace human and animal sourced products. Also developing small diameter vascular graft and three dimensional tissue scaffolds.
keywords: regenerative medicine, wound healing, woundcare, dermatology, aesthetics, beauty, cardiovascular, nanotechnology, tissue engineering, tissue scaffolds, Orthopedics Reston VA USA Joseph P. Connell

Trinity Orthopedics

San Diego, United States | Product and procedure solutions for minimally invasive spine surgery
keywords: lumbar, spine, intraosseous transpedicular lumbar, fusion San Diego CA United States James M. Marino, MD, Founder and CEO; Paul K. Nichols, President and COO


Hoffman Estates, IL, USA | Spinal implant products.
keywords: Orthopedics, Neurology, Surgery, neurosurgery, thoracolumbar, angulation, titanium Hoffman Estates I...

Silver Bullet Therapeutics

San Jose, CA, USA | Advanced therapeutic delivery technologies for orthopedic and dental infectious diseases.
keywords: Orthopedics, Dental, silver, fractures, pathological, extremitie, implants, surgical San Jose CA USA Paul Chirico, Founder, President & CEO; Bohdan Chopko, Ph.D


SpineGuard\'s mission is to make spine surgery safer.
keywords: ... Surgery, Orthopedics, pedicle screws San Francisco CA Pierre Jerome, Co-founder and Chief Executive...

Ortho Kinematics

Austin, United States | Spine diagnostics company focused on spine motion analysis products and services.
keywords: ... pain, diagnostics, spine, Vertebral Motion Analyzer, Orthopedics, Diagnostics Austin TX United State...

SpineSmith Partners, LLC

Austin, TX, USA | SpineSmith Partners, LLC is building a proprietary, high margin business commercializing the use of autologous adult stem cells (\"ASCs\") and implants optimized for use with stem cells in spine surgery.
keywords: ... Stem Cell, Spinal Fusion, Cervical Fusion, Lumbar Fusion, Biologics, Orthopedics, Neurology Austin T...


Centennial, CO, USA | Non-profit providers of bone and soft tissue allografts.
keywords: Orthopedics, spine, ortho joint, reconstruction, ortho joint, reconstruction, ortho, joint, reconstr...

DiFusion Technologies, Inc.

Georgetown, TX, USA | Self-sterilizing osteoconductive polymer which resists infection and biofilm adhesion.
keywords: ... Disease, Orthopedics, Surgical Site Infections (SSIs), Spinal Surgery Georgetown TX USA Derrick John...

Ascension Orthopedics

Austin, TX, USA | Small joint implants for the treatment of osteoarthritis, post-traumatic and rheumatoid arthritis
keywords: reconstruction, Orthopedics, arthritis Austin TX USA Jerome Klawitter, Ph.D- Founder; Stephen Cook, Founder

Sonoma Orthopedics Products, Inc.

Santa Rosa, CA, USA | Sonoma Orthopedics provides implants that allow orthopedic surgeons to quickly and easily repair problematic bone fractures.
keywords: Glen Coleman, President and CEO; Charles Nelson, COO and Founder; Guy K. Williamson, Senior VP, Mark...

A2Zee Orthopedics

Gujranwala, Pakistan | Manufacturer of orthopedic implants.
keywords: Orthopedics, spine, ortho joint, reconstruction, ortho joint, reconstruction Gujranwala Pakistan Mu...

Arimed Orthopedics

Brooklyn, NY, USA | Service provider for upper and lower extremity prostheses.
keywords: Orthopedics, spine, ortho joint, reconstruction, ortho joint, reconstruction, ortho, joint, reconstruction Brooklyn NY USA

FH Orthopedics

Heimsbrunn, France | Personalized hip, knee, ankle and trauma prosthesis.
keywords: Orthopedics, spine, ortho joint, reconstruction, ortho joint, reconstruction, ortho, joint, reconstruction Heimsbrunn France

Plus Orthopedics (Plus Endoprothetik)

San Diego, CA, USA | Joint implants.
keywords: Orthopedics, spine, ortho joint, reconstruction, ortho joint, reconstruction, ortho, joint, reconstruction, advamed San Diego CA USA

Grotz Orthopedics

San Francisco, CA, USA |
keywords: San Francisco CA USA

Azalea Orthopedics

Tyler, TX, USA |
keywords: Tyler TX USA

Innova Orthopedics

keywords: Baltimore MD

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