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Consensus Orthopedics

El Dorado Hills, CA, USA | Consensus Orthopedics designs, manufactures, markets and sells orthopedic implant devices worldwide
keywords: Orthopedic Implant Devices, Knee, Surgeons, Biomechanics El Dorado Hills CA USA Colleen Gray, Presid...

Archus Orthopedics

Redmond, WA, USA | Founded in July 2001, Archus Orthopedics is a privately held company developing a family of reconstructive implants to treat a variety of spine disorders resulting from degenerative changes in the facet joints.
keywords: Degenerative disease, Total Facet Arthroplasty System, TFAS, Archus Bone Cement, Polymethylmethacryl...

Finsbury Orthopedics

Leatherhead, United Kingdom | Joint replacement products.
keywords: Orthopedics, spine, ortho joint, reconstruction, ortho joint, reconstruction, ortho, joint, reconstr...

RJ Orthopedics Corporation

New York, NY, USA | Great little company.
keywords: New York NY USA Brett R. Johnson President

FLA Orthopedics

Miramar, FL, USA | Manufacturer of quality home healthcare products.
keywords: home healthcare, orthopedic, brace, patient care, compression hosiery, footcare product Miramar FL USA

Conventus Orthopedics

Maple Grove, MN, USA | Fracture fixation company that helps return patients to normal activities sooner and with less surgical trauma.
keywords: EMT Summit, Orthopaedics, fracture repair, Maple Grove MN USA Paul Buckman, CEO; John Feriancek, CFO

Visionquest Industries

Irvine, CA, USA | Medical devices devoted to Orthopedics.
keywords: Orthopedics, advamed Irvine CA USA James W. Knape, Chief Executive Officer; Bob Blachford, Chief Fin...


Downingtown, PA, USA | Implants for Orthopedics and spine surgical applications.
keywords: Orthopedics, spine, ortho joint, reconstruction, ortho joint, reconstruction Downingtown PA USA William S. McDonald, President; Albert Enayati, President and CEO


Norcross, GA, USA | Hydrogel Technologies for Applications in Wound Care, Orthopedics and Embolotherapy
keywords: ... Care, Medical conditions, embolotherapy, spine, Orthopedics Norcross GA USA Dr.Adrian HunterCEO; Mr....


San Diego, CA, USA | Services of business acquisitions, technology in-licensing and internal product development for extremities Orthopedics.
keywords: Orthopedics, spine, ortho joint, reconstruction, ortho joint, reconstruction San Diego CA USA Paul K...

Medin Corporation

Passaic, NJ, USA |
keywords: Orthopedics, bone, surgery Passaic NJ USA

Stetson Powell

Burbank, CA, USA | Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Practice
keywords: Burbank CA USA


Rockaway, NJ, USA | Artificial cervical disc technology.
keywords: reconstruction, Orthopedics, advamed Rockaway NJ USA


Shelby Township, MI, USA | Products for foot and ankle problems
keywords: reconstruction, Orthopedics Shelby Township MI USA


Huntington Beach, CA, USA | Medical care of spinal disorders.
keywords: spine, Orthopedics, advamed Huntington Beach CA USA

Spectra North America, Inc.

Shelton, CT, USA |
keywords: digital, othopedics Shelton CT USA Brian Anderson, General Manager Orthopedics PACS

Biorthex, Inc.

Laval, Canada | Surgical products for the treatment of spinal disorders.
keywords: reconstruction, Orthopedics Laval Quebec Canada Philip Lang, President and CEO


Garden New Mercedes, Brazil | Spine surgery implants to Latin America.
keywords: electromagnetic, Orthopedics, nanotechnology, multidisciplinary, entrepreneur Garden New Mercedes SP Brazil

Cascade Medical Enterprises

Wayne, NJ, USA | Produces autologous platelet-rich fibrin matrix
keywords: Orthopedics, trauma, veterinary, choronic, neurosurgery Wayne NJ USA


San Luis Obispo, CA, USA | Development and commercialization of synthetic, resorbable surgical biomaterials.
keywords: polyethylene, carboxymethylcellulose, Orthopedics, gynecology, aesthetic San Luis Obispo CA USA John Krelle, CEO

LifeCell Corporation

Branchburg, NJ, USA | Biological products regarding human tissue.
keywords: Orthopedics, a advamed Branchburg NJ USA Lisa N. Colleran, President; Steven T. Sobieski, VP Finance and Administration and CFO

Anspach Companies

Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA | High-speed instrumentation for use in neurosurgery, neurotology, otology, and orthopedic procedures
keywords: Orthopedics, spine, ortho joint, reconstruction Palm Beach Gardens FL USA

Argo Medical Technologies

, USA | Motorized Robotic Suit to Restore Motion in Paralyzed Patients
keywords: Neurology, Orthopedics. Rehabilitation, Gait Restoration, Ambulation, Lower Limb Disabilities, Robotics. USA

Millenium Medical Technologies

Minneapolis, MN, USA | Develops and markets devices for surgical and non-surgical musculoskeletal therapies
keywords: Orthopedics, Orthopedic, fracture fixation, osteotomy, compartment syndrome, minnesota Minneapolis MN USA


Transdermal gel for treatment of connective tissue disorders, including Peyronie's disease, Dupuytren's disease, and plantar fibromatosis
keywords: urology, Orthopedics, podiatry San Antonio TX Jerry Easterling, CEO


Scottsdale, AZ, USA | Technology for extremity imaging using a smaller, lighter "mini" c-arm.
keywords: Orthopedics, c-arm, hand surgeon, hand, small bones, mini c arm Scottsdale AZ USA

TriMed, Inc.

Valencia, CA, USA | Orthopaedic products specializing in small fragment and peri-articular fractures fixation.
keywords: Orthopedics, orthopedic, fixation, surgical equipment, medical device, fracture, ligament, implants Valencia CA USA

Flexuspine, Inc.

Spinal devices to replace a collapsed, damaged or unstable vertebral body.
keywords: reconstruction, Orthopedics Tyler TX Vin Jannetty, CEO; Erik Wagner, CTO; Charles Gordon, MD, Founder; Corey Harbold, Founder


West Trenton, NJ, USA | Neurodiagnostic and electrotherapy devices addressing peripheral nerve disease
keywords: Neurology, Orthopedics, peripheral nerve, carpal tunnel, f-wave, theraknit, brevio West Trenton NJ USA

Synergy Disc Replacement, Inc.

Kitchener, Canada | Cervical Disc Replacement Technology restores motion to the intervertebral segment and overall balance.
keywords: Medical Devices, spine, surgery, Orthopedics Kitchener Ontario N2B 2E1 Canada

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