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A.P. Pharma

Redwood City, CA, USA | Microfluidic devices for improved drug delivery
keywords: ... delivery technology, pain management, anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, oncology, ophthal... ... anti-infective, oncology, ophthalmology, device coatings, DNA delivery, PainManagement, DrugDelivery Re...


Harrington Park, New Jersey, USA | Designs, patents, and commercializes devices and therapeutics for back pain.
keywords: Orthopedics, DPI, Back, PainManagement Harrington Park New Jersey USA Peter A. Zahos, MD, CEO; Marvin A. Collin, VP of Development

Life Care Medical Devices

New Smyrna Beach, United States | Medical devices for use in laparoscopic surgery and pain management
keywords: surgery, laparoscopic, PainManagement New Smyrna Beach FL United States Richard Prati CEO; Jeff Diciccio, CFO;

Clinova, Ltd.

Southampton, United Kingdom | Develops novel products for general healthcare application.
keywords: PainManagement, convenience, throat, repellant, dehyratrion, pharma, sanitizer, over-the-counter, counter Southampton United Kingdom Gerard Gregg-Smith, Chairman; Charles Ebubedike, CEO John Honey

EpiCept Corporation

Tarrytown, NY, USA | Pharmaceutical products for the treatment of cancer and pain.
keywords: Oncology, PainManagement, Ceplene, AML, acute myeloid leukemia, neuropathic pain, NP-1, PHN, post herpetic neuralgia, vascular disruption agent, VDA


Frederick, MD, USA | Develops biotech to combat colon cancer.
keywords: Oncology, Immunology, cancer, colon, carcinoma, renal, melanoma, vaccine, cell, pain, PainManagement

Coventina Healthcare Enterprises

Device firm specializing in therapeutic warming devices
keywords: warming, pain management, PainManagement South Park PA James (Chip) Hanlon, CEO

Zynex Medical

Littleton, CO, USA | Non-invasive muscle stimulation and electromyography technology.
keywords: non-invasive, pain relief, pain management, PainManagement Littleton CO USA

Cure Therapeutics

New York, NY, USA | In trials with a patch to relieve chronic tendinopathies.
keywords: carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, transdermal patch, tendonitis, rotator cuff, musculoskeletal, pain management, PainManagement New York NY USA Ronald Burch, MD PhD, CEO; Robert Ang, MD MBA

Henley Healthcare, Inc.

Sugar Land, TX, USA | Computer Sports Medicine, Inc. acquired the CYBEX Medical Products line from Henley.
keywords: exercise machine, pain, pain management, rehabilitation, PainManagement Sugar Land TX USA M.M. Barbour - President & CEO C.M. Smith - Chairman J. Sturgeon - Exec VP-Finance

BIOCODEX Laboratories

GENTILLY Cedex, France | Gastroenterology, Neurology & Psychiatry and Pain Treatment.
keywords: ... Neurology, Psychiatry, pain management, PainManagement GENTILLY Cedex France VĂ©ronique Staller, Medic...


Bradenton, FL, USA | Entropin, Inc. develops drug therapies for pain.
keywords: ... management, anesthetic, analgesic, PainManagement Bradenton FL USA Thomas G. Tachovsky, Ph.D., Presiden...

Computerized Thermal Imaging

Ogden, UT, USA | Thermal imaging systems and infrared devices.
keywords: thermal imaging, infrared, breast, breast lesions, blood, circulation, diagnostics, breast cancer, physiological, infrared, imaging

Sorenson Medical

West Jordan, UT, USA | Develops, manufactures and markets infusion therapy products
keywords: ... management, chemotherapy, infusion device pump, pain pump, advamed, PainManagement West Jordan UT USA J...

I-Flow Corporation

Lake Forest, CA, USA | Ambulatory drug delivery systems for pain management and intravenous infusion therapy.
keywords: ambulatory drug delivery, pain, pain management, infusion therapy, anesthetics, anesthesia, chemotherapies, antibiotics, diagnostic agents, nutritional supplements, oncology

Smiths Group

London, United Kingdom | Critical Care products and medication delivery.
keywords: ... management, pain management, needle safety, temperature management monitoring, ambulatory infusion, ins... ... management monitoring, ambulatory infusion, insulin infusion, vascular access, in-vitro fertilization, ... ... vascular access, in-vitro fertilization, PainManagement London United Kingdom Donald Brydon, CBE, Chai...

Winston Laboratories

Vernon Hills, IL, USA | Therapeutics for managing and alleviating pain.
keywords: ... management, neuroactive compounds, neurotransmitters, osteoarthritis, cluster headache, migraine headac... ... osteoarthritis, cluster headache, migraine headache, chronic daily headache, neuropathic pain syndromes... ... daily headache, neuropathic pain syndromes, mucositis, cancer pain, PainManagement Vernon Hills IL USA ...


Wilmington, NC, USA | Well-known branded medicines in pain management, gastroenterology and critical care.
keywords: ... management, gastroenterology, critical care, PainManagement Wilmington NC USA Jay Lifton, Chairman of A...

Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Detroit, MI, USA | Generic and private label prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.
keywords: central nervous system, cardiology, pain management, Diabetes, blood sugar, diabetic, metabolic, insulin, over the counter, OTC, PainManagement Detroit MI USA Daniel Movens

Arrow International

Reading, PA, USA | Patient monitoring, diagnosis and pain management for acute and chronic heart disease.
keywords: diagnostics, Cardiology, cardiac, heart, heart disease, catheterization, fluids, blood products, pain management, advamed, PainManagement Reading PA USA Jeffrey P. Black

Atrix Laboratories

Fort Collins, CO, USA | Specialty pharmaceutical company focused on advanced drug delivery.
keywords: ... delivery, dermatology, pain management, oncology, PainManagement, DrugDelivery Fort Collins CO USA Robe...

TKL Research

Rochelle Park,, NJ, USA | Services for clinical study, clinical trial management and recruitment management.
keywords: multi-center trial, clinical trial, recruitment management, OTC, Dermatology, skin, acne, Central Nervous System, Gastroenterology, internal medicine, Smoking Cessation

Searched: PainManagement             1 - 22 of 22 results