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Cerora Inc.

Bethlehem, PA, USA | Healthcare IT, device & software platform for brain injury detection and assessment
keywords: ... IT, Medic Device Diagnostics, concussion, mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Alzheimer\'s disease, Autism... ... Brain Injury, Alzheimer\'s disease, Autism, Parkinson\'s disease, brain health, Psychiatry, neurolo...

Ridge Diagnostics, Inc.

Neurodiagnostic Blood Tests for Major Depressive Disorder
keywords: Diagnostics, Neurology, MDD, Depression, Major Depression, Psychiatry, Blood Test La Jolla CA Lonna J. Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Director; Perry Renshaw, MD, Ph.D

Health Integrated

Tampa, FL, USA | Integrated outsourced disease management services for HMO's, governments and employers.
keywords: ... Management, Case Management, Depression Disease Management. Complex Case Management, Integrated Car... ... Complex Case Management, Integrated Care, Psychiatry Tampa FL USA Shan Padda, Chairman and CEO; Sam...

CNS Response

Cosa Mesa, United States | rEEG technology for the assessment of neurophysiological abnormalities and determination of psychiatric treatment
keywords: depression, diagnostics, neurology, Psychiatry, mental, reeg, behavioral disorders, anorexia, bulimia, drug addiction, addictions Cosa Mesa CA United States George Carpenter

Cerbomed GmbH

Erlangen, Germany |
keywords: ... - the world\'s first non-invasive device for transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation (t-VNS®); du... ... vagus nerve stimulation (t-VNS®); durg-resistant epilepsy (DRE); migraine; cluster headache; ten... ... epilepsy (DRE); migraine; cluster headache; tension-type headache; neurology; Psychiatry; neurostim...

BIOCODEX Laboratories

GENTILLY Cedex, France | Gastroenterology, Neurology & Psychiatry and Pain Treatment.
keywords: ... Neurology, Psychiatry, pain management, PainManagement GENTILLY Cedex France Véronique Staller, M...

Curidium Medica Limited

London, United Kingdom | Personalized medicine technology for psychiatric disorders
keywords: Psychiatry, biotechnology, drug, human, multifactorial, diseases, central, nervous, system, cns, psychiatric


Iserlohn, Germany | Pharmaceuticals focusing on vitamin deficiency, colds/infections, kidney diseases, and child/teenage Psychiatry.
keywords: pharmaceutical, vitamin, deficiency, colds, infections, kidney, child, teenage, Psychiatry, influenza, flu

Somaxon Pharmaceuticals

San Diego, CA, USA | Drugs for the areas of Psychiatry and neurology.
keywords: Psychiatry, neurology San Diego CA USA David F. Hale, Executive Chairman; Richard W. Pascoe, Preside...


Mason, Ohio, USA | Personalized medicine company dedicated to helping clinicians determine the right drug for individual patients suffering from medical conditions.
keywords: Psychiatry, Diagnostics Mason Ohio USA


Paris, France | home-based, personalized non-invasive medical devices for brainbased conditions, based on neuromodulation.
keywords: neurology, Psychiatry, psychology Paris France

Lexicor Medical Technology

Augusta, GA, USA | Committed to the advancement of neuropsychiatric technologies.
keywords: neuroscience, Psychiatry, advamed Augusta GA USA Howard Merry, President; David Joffe, Chief Technical Officer; Steven M. Snyder, Ph.D. VP R&D; John Drozd, Ph.D. VP Clinical

Sierra Neuropharmaceuticals

Aurora, CO, USA | Catheter-Based Drug Delivery to Cerebrospinal Fluid
keywords: Drug Delivery, Neurology, Psychiatry, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia Aurora CO USA


Menlo Park, CA, USA | Real-time Functional MRI Technology to Modify Cognitive Perception and Treat Chronic Pain
keywords: imaging, neurology, Psychiatry, brain, pain, chronic pain, fMRI, functional MRI, addiction, depression Menlo Park CA USA Christopher deCharms, M.D.


Malvern, United States | privately held medical device company.
keywords: ... depression, Psychiatry, neuromodulation Malvern PA United States Bruce J. Shook, President and CEO;...


Mumbai, India | Bulk active chemicals and pharmaceuticals for anti-infectives, antibiotics and anti-bacterials.
keywords: drugs, pharmaceuticals, therapeutics, infections, antibiotics, pain, inflammation, cough, Psychiatry, nutrition, biotechnology Mumbai India Habil Khorakiwala

SCIREX Corporation

Horsham, PA, USA | Drug development services with focus on central nervous system studies.
keywords: ... trial implementation, data management, statistical service, medical writing, Psychiatry, analgesia ...


Houston, TX, USA | Implantable medical devices for neurological disorders including epilepsy
keywords: ... disorders, epilepsy, implantable, device, Psychiatry Houston TX USA Daniel J. Moore, President and ...

Searched: Psychiatry             1 - 18 of 18 results