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CellAegis Devices

Toronto, CANADA | Automated noninvasive devices that are shown to reduce damage to organs during surgery or trauma.
keywords: Cardiology, Surgery, Renal, Womens Health, Urology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, metabolic, organ, myocardial, stroke

Ischemix, Inc.

Maynard, MA, USA | Develops therapeutic compounds to treat cardiac and Renal health problems.
keywords: Cardiology, Renal, Surgery, cardiac, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, CMX-2043, clinical Maynard MA USA Reinier Beeuwkes, CSO David A. DeWahl, Jr., CEO; Robert Weinstein


Discovers and develops proprietary intravenous and orally available small molecule drugs.
keywords: kidney, Pulmonology, Renal, disease, kidneydisease, nephropathy, kidneyinjury, injury, accidents, chronic, chronicdisease Pittsburgh PA Joshua M. Tarnoff


Frederick, MD, USA | Develops biotech to combat colon cancer.
keywords: Oncology, Immunology, cancer, colon, carcinoma, Renal, melanoma, vaccine, cell, pain, PainManagement

ZS Pharma Inc.

Their compound, known as Zirconium Silicate (ZrSi), selectively removes life-threatening toxins in patients suffering from kidney and liver disease and related conditions.
keywords: kidney, liver, oral sorbent, Renal Fort Worth TX Alvaro F. Guillem, Ph.D., President and CEO; Stephen R. Ash, M.D., Chief Medical Officer


Irvine, CA, USA | Minimally Invasive Technology for Tissue and Tumor Ablation
keywords: cancer, urological, surgery products, urology, prostate, urinary, bladder, erectile, advamed, cryotherapy, Renal

RenalGuard Solutions, Inc

Milford, MA, USA | Technologies for cardiac and vascular markets, prevention of CIN/ Preventing Acute Kidney Disease.
keywords: RenalGuard, Kidney, Catheterization, Contrast Induced Nephropathy, CO2 Heart Laser 2, Transmyocardia...

Renal CarePartners

Hollywood, FL, USA | National network of dialysis clinics for the treatment of End- Stage Renal Disease.
keywords: ... dialysis, clinics, end-stage, Renal, disease, esrd, kidney Hollywood FL USA Milton J Wallace, ...


River Edge, NJ, USA | Technologies for end stage Renal disease and water filtration
keywords: dialysis, kidney, organ transplant, Renal, Renal failure, end stage Renal disease, esrd, hemodiafiltration, filter, filtration, water River Edge NJ USA Ernest A. Elgin III

Renal Solutions

Warrendale, PA, USA | Device and services for patients with chronic and acute kidney failure.
keywords: ... acute kidney failure, Renal failure, advamed Warrendale PA USA Peter M. DeComo, CEO; Derrick L...

U.S. Renal Care

Dallas, TX, USA | Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis services for end stage Renal disease.
keywords: ... peritoneal dialysis, Renal disease, ESRD Dallas TX USA J.Christopher Brengard, Chief Executive...


Fremont, CA, USA | Minimally invasive intravascular systems for implementing targeted Renal therapy.
keywords: ... invasive, intravascular, targeted Renal therapy, kidney, Renal artery Fremont CA USA Jeff Elki...

CorMedix, Inc.

Bridgewater, NJ, USA | Develops and seeks to commercialize products for the treatment of cardiac, Renal and infectious diseases.
keywords: Cardiology, Renal health, infectious disease, drug safety, licensing, central venous catheters Bridgewater NJ USA

Glomeria Therapeutics

keywords: Peritoneal Dialysis, Dialysis, Renal Disease, End Stage Renal Disease, Home treatment San Giovanni Teatino


Ann Arbor, MI, USA | Medical devices for treating unmet medical needs
keywords: end stage Renal disease, ESRD, acute Renal failure, ARF, cardio-pulmonary bypass surgery Ann Arbor MI USA Jim Danehy, CEO; Dr. H. David Humes, CSO; Mark Morsfield, BBA, MBA, CFO; Joseph Sobota, M.D.


Lincolnshire, IL, USA | Aksys has ceased operations.
keywords: Renal, Renal failure, kidney, hemodialysis, dialysis, ESRD, j2008b Lincolnshire IL USA Howard Lewin,...

NxStage Medical

Lawrence, MA, USA | Systems for the treatment of end-stage Renal disease, acute kidney failure and fluid overload.
keywords: ... Renal, end-stage Renal disease, acute kidney failure, fluid overload, hemodialysis, dialysis, ...

Trine Pharmaceuticals

Waltham, MA, USA | Pharmaceutical products for Renal, gastrointestinal and metabolic diseases.
keywords: Renal, gastrointestinal, metabolic, in-licensing Waltham MA USA Mark Skaletsky, Chairman, President ...


Mannheim, Germany | Multisource proteins for anemia, cancer, and Renal disease.
keywords: ... drugs, multisource, proteins, anemia, cancer, Renal, mutiple sclerosis, neuitropenia Mannheim ...

Aderis Pharmaceuticals

Hopkinton, MA, USA | Small molecule therapeutics for CNS, cardiovascular and Renal diseases.
keywords: ... cardiovascular, Renal diseases, small molecule, nervous system, inflammatory Hopkinton MA USA ...

Renal Care Group

Nashville, TN, USA | Acquired by Fresenius Medical Care March 2006
keywords: dialysis, kidney Nashville TN USA Dr. Ben Lipps, Chairman of the Management Board; Roberto Fusté, R...


Cambridge, MA, USA | A product portfolio focused on rare genetic disorders, Renal disease and osteoarthritis.
keywords: ... disorders, kidney disease, orthopaedics, cancer, transplant Cambridge MA USA Henri A. Termeer,... ... transplant Cambridge MA USA Henri A. Termeer, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer;... ... Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer; Jason A. Amello, Corporate Controller; Chief ... ... Jason A. Amello, Corporate Controller; Chief Accounting Officer; John Butler, Senior Vice Pres... ... Accounting Officer; John Butler, Senior Vice President; President, Cardiometabolic & Renal; Zo...

Gambro AB

Stockholm, Sweden | Critical blood and cell-related products and Renal care.
keywords: blood, cell, Renal, technology, dialysis, bct, kidney, hemodialysis, peritoneal, apheresis Stockholm Sweden Thomas Glanzmann, CEO & President Gambro; Annemarie Gardshol


Santa Clara, CA, USA | Non-absorbed, GI based drugs for Renal and metabolic diseases
keywords: ... GI based, Renal, metabolic, polymer, degradation, gastrointestinal tract Santa Clara CA USA Ja...

Proteon Therapeutics

Waltham, MA, USA | Developing novel drugs to treat Renal and vascular diseases
keywords: Renal, kidney, vascular, stl Waltham MA USA Timothy P. Noyes, President and CEO; Kimberly S. Bland, ...

ReCor Medical

Ronkonkoma,, NY, USA |
keywords: ... Renal denervation, ultrasound, resistant hypertension, high blood pressure Ronkonkoma, NY USA ...

AKSM - American Kidney Stone Management

Columbus, Ohio, USA | AKSM is a provider of lithotripsy services to approximately 1,500 physicians in the United States. AKSM includes three subsidiary divisions from the fields of prostate and Renal cancer therapies, laser services and orthopedic shock wave treatment.
keywords: Columbus Ohio USA Henry A. Wise, II, M.D., Chairman & CEO


EL Segundo, CA, USA | Provider of dialysis services for patients with ESRD.
keywords: end stage Renal disease, ESRD, dialysis services EL Segundo CA USA Charles G. Berg, Willard W. Brittain, Jr., Paul J. Diaz, Peter T. Grauer, John M.Nehra, Kent J. Thiry, William L. Roper, M.D.

Active Biotech AB

Lund, Sweden | Pharmaceuticals for fields in which the immune system plays a central role.
keywords: ... sclerosis, lung, Renal, pancreatic, cancer, autoimmune Lund Sweden Tomas Leanderson, Presiden...


Uxbridge, Middlesex, United Kingdon | Specialist medical distribution company.
keywords: laboratory, equipment, distribution, imaging, intervention, filtration, critical, Renal, endovascular Uxbridge, Middlesex London United Kingdon Alan Press, (Managing Director); Tim Proger

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