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CardioComm Solutions

Victoria, Canada | Develops software for IT in cardiovascular medicine and Telemedicine.
keywords: ... Systems, Cardiology, Telemedicine, cardiovascular, electrocardiography, ECG Victoria VC Canada Etienn...

SHL TeleMedicine

Tel Aviv, Israel | specializes in advanced personal Telemedicine systems as well as providing medical call center services to subscribers
keywords: Tel Aviv Israel Yoram Alroy, Founder and Chairman; Erez Alroy, Co-CEO; Yariv Alroy, Co-CEO; Eyal Le...

AxSys Technology

Paisley, United Kingdom | Telemedicine systems.
keywords: Telemedicine systems, SoftwareSystems Paisley United Kingdom Dr. Pradeep Ramayya, Chairman and CEO; Dr. Anjali Ramayya, Product Development Director; Dr. Ramesh Ramayya, President, AxSys HealthTech

HealthOneMed, Inc.

Allentown, PA, USA | Products for medication compliance/management, education, and Telemedicine
keywords: ... adherence, medication compliance, drug compliance, medication management, pill dispenser, telemedicin...


M.P. Misgav, Israel | Airway management.
keywords: airway management, emergency medicine, anesthesia, Telemedicine M.P. Misgav Israel

Life Record

Bloomfield, NM, USA | Personal Health Records System Compatible with Mobile Devices
keywords: EMR, PHR, health records, medical records, imaging, Telemedicine, software systems Bloomfield NM USA Robert J. Singer, M.D, Founder


Scottsdale, AZ, USA | Personal Health Device for Remote Health Data Collection
keywords: health IT, patient monitoring, Telemedicine, electronic health records, chronic disease monitoring, vital signs monitoring Scottsdale AZ USA Kent Dicks, President and CEO

Card Guard

Philadelphia, PA, USA | Telemedicine systems and monitoring services.
keywords: telehealth, screening, diagnosis, chronical, spirophone Philadelphia PA USA Yacov Geva, CEO and Chai...

Quanta Fluid Solutions

Alcester, United Kingdom | Quanta Fluid Solutions introduces SelfCare+, a cartridge-based haemodialysis machine designed for patient use.
keywords: diabetes, Telemedicine, hemodialysis, patient self-care Alcester United Kingdom Martin Johnson, CEP; Patrick Ward, Business Development Manager

Medical Image Mining Laboratories

Valhalla, NY, USA | Dermatology software to quantify skin diseases from photos, and to allow patients to share photos of their skin concerns with remote dermatologists.
keywords: dermatology, software, analytics, quantification, Telemedicine Valhalla NY USA Ellen Eide Kislal, PhD President; Wael Hamza, PhD Director of Research; Giri Iyengar, PhD CTO

Ross Medical

virtual hospital system & take-home management system
keywords: Telemedicine, healthcare IT, healthcare devices, software systems, hardware systems, virtual doctors...

Noninvasive Medical Technologies

Las Vegas, NV, USA | Noninvasive and Continuous Hemodynamic Measurement of Cardiac Function
keywords: Bioimpedance, hydration, fluid status monitor, ZOE, IQ, noninvasive monitor, Zo, hemodynamic monitor, cardioplethysmograph, remote patient monitoring, IMPEDANCE CARDIOGRAPHY

Advanced ICU Care

St. Louis, Missouri, USA | Medical service company that provides high-quality remote critical care to patients in the intensive care units (ICU) of community hospitals.
keywords: ... Telemedicine, intensive care St. Louis Missouri USA Mary Jo Gorman, MD, MBA CEO; David N. Schopp, MH...

Carego International

San Ramon, CA, USA | Customizable and Fully-Equipped Mobile Health Clinics
keywords: ... clinic, health delivery, Telemedicine San Ramon CA USA James J. Rossiter, Director; Scott Brady, VP o...


Blatmimore, MD, USA | Software solutions used to manage intensive care patients.
keywords: ... care, Telemedicine, proactive medicine, healthcare providers Blatmimore MD USA Frank T. Sample, Chair...

Searched: Telemedicine             1 - 15 of 15 results