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CellAegis Devices

Toronto, CANADA | Automated noninvasive devices that are shown to reduce damage to organs during surgery or trauma.
keywords: Cardiology, Surgery, Renal, Womens Health, Urology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, metabolic, organ, myocardial, stroke

Cancer Genetics

Rutherford,, NJ, USA | DNA-based cancer diagnostics of hematological, urogenital and HPV-associated cancers.
keywords: ... Hematological Cancer, Urogenital Cancer, HPV, DNA-Based Diagnosis, DNA, cancer, Urology Rutherfo...

Simavita Pty Ltd.

North Sydney, AUSTRALIA | Developed an innovative solution for the management of urinary incontinence, with a focus on the elderly
keywords: continence, geriatrics, Gastroenterology, Urology, Womens Health, systems, care, management, plan North Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA Ari Bergman, Chairman; Philippa Lewis, CEO; Philip Johnstone

Wellesley Pharmaceuticals

Newtown, PA, USA | Combines existing drugs with expired patents, to reduce the impact of nocturia and alleviate symptoms.
keywords: Urology, nocturia Newtown PA USA David Dill, CEO


Hermosa Beach, CA, USA | Develops devices to simulate the pelvic area for incontinence and a variety of ailments.
keywords: Urology, Womens Health, disfunction, sexual, disorder, pelvic, pubic, men, prostate Hermosa Beach CA USA Dr Michael Jordan, Owner and President

HealthLink Europe

Medical Device Distribution, Multilingual Customer Service, Financial Services
keywords: ... radiology, anesthesiology, orthopedics, neUrology, Urology, consulting Raleigh NC Rick Hughes, ...

HistoSonics, Inc.

Ann Arbor, United States | Cavitation via ultrasound to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia
keywords: Benign prostatic hyperplasia, Histotripsy, cavitation, ultrasound, homogenization, Orthopedics, Womens Health, Urology, Histology Ann Arbor MI United States Christine Gibbon, CEO; Jim Bertolina, CTO.

Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc

Bethesda, MD, USA | Immunotherapy products for cancer treatment
keywords: oncology, brain, Urology, prostate, urinary, bladder, erectile, cancer, mouse cell, immunotherapy Bethesda MD USA Linda F. Powers, Chief Executive Officer; Alton L. Boynton

Aureon Laboratories

Yonkers, NY, USA | Predictive clinical tests for cancer care and bio-pharmaceutical research and development.
keywords: predictive clinical test, cancer, prostate cancer, post-Urology, prostate, urinary, bladder, erectilectomy, Urology, advamed, j2008 Yonkers NY USA Vijay Aggarwal

Percutaneous Systems

Palo Alto, CA, USA | Stone Management Device for Urological Applications
keywords: Urologic, Urology, kidney stones, ureteral stones, stone management, endoscopic devices, catheters, advamed Palo Alto CA USA Robert Behl - CEO, Craig Ball - VP Marketing


Minneapolis, MN, USA | Develops, manufactures and markets minimally invasive medical products for the treatment of urological disorders.
keywords: Urology, benign prostatic hyperplasia, bph, urological devices, prostate disease, enlarged prostate,...


Newark, NJ, USA | Developer of patented technology to control fluid flow through small diameter flexible tubing.
keywords: Urology, Surinate, urinary, bladder, urinary retention, Foley catheter Newark NJ USA Harvey D. Homan...

Salient Pharmaceuticals

Houston, TX, USA | Applies inorganic mineral to absorb toxins associated with diarrhea.
keywords: Urology, mineral, diarrhea, infectious, disease, toxins, inflammatory Houston TX USA Richard M. Scru...


Irvine, CA, USA | Minimally Invasive Technology for Tissue and Tumor Ablation
keywords: cancer, urological, surgery products, Urology, prostate, urinary, bladder, erectile, advamed, cryotherapy, renal

Envisioneering Medical Technologies

St. Louis, MO, USA | Diagnostic technology for the identification of prostate abnormalities, including prostate cancer
keywords: Urology, Oncology, Imaging, prostate, urinary, bladder, erectile, prostate, targetscan, biopsy, focal point therapy


Quebec, Canada | Develops diagnostic tests for cancer detection and management
keywords: ... Urology, advamed, Colorectal Cancer, GCC, PrevistageTM GCC, Molecular diagnostic tests, Prostate...


Rochester, United States | Advanced imaging analysis technology for faster and more reliable disease evaluation
keywords: Urology, prostate, urinary, bladder, erectile, imaging Rochester NY United States Jeff Markin, Presi...

Aduro Biotech

Berkeley, CA, USA | Non-invasive targeted therapeutics for the treatment of cancers.
keywords: cancer, breast, head, neck, lung, colon, ovarian, pancreatic, Urology, prostate, urinary

UroGene SA

Paris, France | drug discovery and development company focused on therapies for Urology disorders
keywords: Urology, Urology, prostate, urinary, bladder, erectile, urinary, bladder, erectile Paris France Pierre Attali, MD, Chief Executive Officer; Hugues Bienaymé


Electronic Medical Records for Urology Practices
keywords: Urology, EMR, patient records Livingston NJ

Dr. Kade Pharmazeutische Fabrik

Berlin, Germany | Prescription drugs in the fields of gynecology, proctology, pain/rheumatism and Urology.
keywords: women's health, women's, womenshealth, Urology Berlin Germany

Alfa Wasserman

Bologna, Italy | Prescription and otc drugs, reagents, and analyzers for labs; medical devices for Urology.
keywords: prescription, otc, reagents, analyzers, ostomy, Urology, endoUrology, catheters, urodynamics, diagnostic Bologna ITA Italy

Allwin Medical Devices

Anaheim, CA, USA | Manufacturer of products for Urology, gastroenterology, nephrology and radiology.
keywords: Urology, gastroenterology, nephrology, radiology. Anaheim CA USA

Omnitech Systems

Valparaiso, Indiana, USA | Design, development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing of products for Urology, gynecology, gastroenterology, and general surgery.
keywords: gastroenterology, general surgery, gynecology, Urology Valparaiso Indiana USA Gregg A. VanDusseldorp, Sr., Kelly Pickering, Principals;

UroGyn Medical

RF electrodes for resection and ablation procedures in Urology and gynecology.
keywords: women's health, women's, womenshealth, Urology, women's health, gynecology, ablation, surgery products Valparaiso IN

LIBBS Farmaceutica

Sao Paulo, Brazil | Manufacturing and sale of raw materials and finished pharmaceutical products.
keywords: manufacturing, pharmaceutical, drugs, cardiovascular, Womens Health, pregnancy, cervical women, OB/GYN, gynecological, obstetrics, gynecology

Cook Group

Bloomington, IN, USA | Minimally invasive medical devices for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
keywords: critical care, diagnostic, interventional, endoscopy, gastroenterology, obstetrics, womens health, pregnancy, cervical women, OB/GYN, gynecological

Microline PENTAX

Beverly, MA, USA | The Microline PENTAX product portfolio comprises cutting, dissecting, grasping, cauterizing and ligating instruments used in all laparoscopic surgical specialties, including General Surgery, Ob-Gyn, and Urology.
keywords: surgical, instruments, surgical instruments, laparoscopy, surgery, general surgery, gynecoloy, Urology Beverly MA USA Jean-Luc Boulnois, Ph.D., President and CEO


Austin, TX, USA | Surgical Lasers and Lithotripsy Devices for Urological Surgery
keywords: orthotripter, musculoskeletal, trauma, injury, heel, tennis elbow, orthopedics, orthopaedic, Urology, BPH, prostate Austin TX USA James S.B. Whittenburg

New Star Lasers

Roseville, CA, USA | Nd:YAG and Ho:YAG medical lasers .
keywords: Urology, cardiovascular, surgery products, aesthetics Roseville CA USA

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