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Wound Management Technologies Inc

Fort Worth, TX, USA | Developed a superior, FDA-approved wound healing therapeutic that is active in all phases of wound healing
keywords: ... care, regenerative medicine, WoundCare, devices Fort Worth TX USA Robert Lutz, CEO; Cathy Bradshaw...

Bacterin International Holdings, Inc.

Belgrade, MT, USA | Bone graft material and anti-infective coatings for medical applications
keywords: wound, WoundCare, orthopedic, medical device, skin, dermal, cartilage, grafts, tissue, regeneration, stem cells

PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc

Charlottesville, VA, USA | Commercializing novel patented burn and wound care products.
keywords: WoundCare, Infection Control Charlottesville VA USA Neal G. Koller, President and CEO; Glenn D. Ward...

Eqalix, Inc.

Reston, VA, USA | Developing the first plant protein-based skin substitute wound dressing to replace human and animal sourced products. Also developing small diameter vascular graft and three dimensional tissue scaffolds.
keywords: regenerative medicine, wound healing, WoundCare, dermatology, aesthetics, beauty, cardiovascular, nanotechnology, tissue engineering, tissue scaffolds, orthopedics Reston VA USA Joseph P. Connell

Cesca Therapeutics Inc.

Rancho Cordova, CA, USA | Develops technologies that address Stem Cell Processing and Cryopreservation.
keywords: ... MarrowXpress, Res-Q, WoundCare, Stem Cells, cellular tissue, regenerative medicine, bone marrow Ra...

Genomic Expression Inc

New York, NY, USA | Digital array for biomarker discovery.
keywords: genomics, digital array, DNA barcode, Denmark, discovery tools, genome, detection tools, diagnostics, gene chip, gene array, next generation sequencing.Allergy

Phytoceuticals, Ltd.

Zurich, Switzerland | Develops or acquires intellectual property from natural product extracts. Their current product is a primary wound dressing spray that improves wound healing.
keywords: WoundCare, dermatology, spray, natural, plant-derived, neem, St. John\'s Wort oil, desiccation, contamination Zurich Switzerland Eduardo Theiler, CEO; Rolf Senn, COO; Nelly Dietiker

HemCon Medical Technologies

Portland, OR, USA | Wound control dressings
keywords: ... WoundCare, advamed Portland OR USA John W. Morgan, President & CEO; Nick Hart, Chief Financial Of...


Farmingdale, NY, USA | Ultrasonic surgical devices
keywords: ... laparoscopic, debridement, coagulation, WoundCare, diagnostics, surgery, Farmingdale NY USA Michae...

Cytomedix, Inc.

Gaithersburg, MD, USA | Point of care systems to process autologous cellular therapies.
keywords: wound, WoundCare, advamed, regenerative medicine, platelet, prp, growth factor, autologous, device, biologics, biologic

Tissue Analytics Simplifying Woundcare

Tissue Analytics turns your smartphone into a platform for tracking wound healing

FM Wound Care

keywords: Woundcare

Vygon Corporation

Ecouen, France |
keywords: woundwound, WoundCare Ecouen France

MW Medical

Scottsdale, AZ, USA | Microwave technologies for dermatological and cosmetic use.
keywords: woundwound, WoundCare Scottsdale AZ USA

Medline Industries

Mundelein, IL, USA | Wound and skin care.
keywords: woundwound, WoundCare Mundelein IL USA

Adhesys Medical GmbH

Aach, Germany | would care - surgeries
keywords: WoundCare, Surgery Aach Germany

Unomedical USA

McAllen, TX, USA | Single-use devices to hospitals and healthcare sectors around the world.
keywords: woundwound, WoundCare McAllen TX USA


Council Bluffs, IA, USA | Supplier of a wide variety of medical device products.
keywords: woundwound, WoundCare Council Bluffs IA USA

MB Software Corporation

Fort Worth, TX, USA | Collagen-based wound care products.
keywords: woundwound, WoundCare Fort Worth TX USA


Taunton, MA, USA | Vascular access management, interventional cardiology and wound closure devices.
keywords: woundwound, WoundCare Taunton MA USA

CleveX, Inc.

Cleveland, OH, USA | Skin biopsy and wound healing solutions.
keywords: woundwound, WoundCare Cleveland OH USA Mr. Gary Smith, President and CEO

Iyia Technologies

San Marcos, CA, USA | Medical wound healing products.
keywords: woundwound, WoundCare San Marcos CA USA Adrian Pelkus, president and CEO

Lohmann & Rauscher International GmbH & Co.

Neuwied, Germany | Dressings, bandaging material and medical products
keywords: woundwound, WoundCare Neuwied Germany


Bosnia and Herzegowina, United Kingdom | Drug discovery research targeting peptide-based API.
keywords: woundwound, WoundCare Bosnia and Herzegowina Tuzla United Kingdom


Canton, United States | Through regenerative medicine, makes artificial skin
keywords: woundwound, WoundCare Canton MA United States Geoff MacKay, president and CEO


Somerville, NJ, USA | Wound closure and wound management.
keywords: woundwound, WoundCare Somerville NJ USA

AndroScience Corporation

San Diego, CA, USA | New medicines for androgen or androgen receptor-related disorders.
keywords: woundwound, WoundCare San Diego CA USA Charles C-Y Shih, President and CEO;

LAM Pharmaceutical

Lewiston, NY, USA | Wound healing and transdermally delivered drugs.
keywords: woundwound, WoundCare Lewiston NY USA Joseph Slechta, President & CEO; Peter Rothbart, M.D., Treasurer; Elena Milantoni, Finance & Admin.


Makes wound management, plastic surgery and oral care products utilizing innovative drug delivery solutions
keywords: woundwound, WoundCare Addision TX Kerry Gray, CEO

Curative Health Services

Hauppage, NY, USA | Support for people with acute and chronic conditions, and chronic wound care.
keywords: woundwound, WoundCare Hauppage NY USA Timothy Maudlin, CEO.

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