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Corvida Medical

Coralville, Iowa, USA | Reliable and efficacious closed-system transfer device for handling chemotherapy drugs
keywords: oncology, cancer, chemotherapy, chemo, drugs, closed-system transfer, medical device, safety Coralville Iowa USA John Slump, CEO


Philadelphia, PA, USA | Develops biotechnology to treat cancer and infectious disease.
keywords: Philadelphia PA USA

Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH

Hanover, Germany | Develops medical device for the diagnosis and clinical monitoring of glaucoma. eHealth
keywords: glaucoma, intraocular, pressure, diagnostics, monitoring, China, china Hanover Germany Max G. Ostermeier, CEO and General Manager of Products; Stefan Meyer, CTO and Electronical Engineer; Dr. Karl Schorn, COO

Colby Pharmaceutical Company

San Jose, CA, USA | Develops biologic and small molecule drugs to treat or cure cancer and neuropathic pain.
keywords: signal transduction modulator drugs, cancer, pain, prostate cancer San Jose CA USA David Zarling PhD MBA, Chief Executive Officer

AFcell Medical

Parsippany, NJ, USA | Delivers the natural function of the Amniotic membrane for surgery.
keywords: Amniotic membrane, biotech, af cell, af cell medical, afcellmedical, orthopaedics, orthopeadics, bio tech, AmnioClear, biomaterial, China

Tenax Therapeutics, Inc. (formerly Oxygen Biotherapeutics)

Morrisville, United States | Developing cosmetic, topical and intravenous products that deliver oxygen to tissues.
keywords: oxygen therapeutics, Oxycyte, Dermacyte, oxygen carriers, wound care, aesthetics, skin, derma, TBI Morrisville NC United States John Kelley, Chief Executive Officer; Michael B. Jebsen, Chief Financial Officer; Doug Randall


San Diego, CA, USA | Light-based technology for early detection and diagnosis of cancer
keywords: Oncology, Diagnostics, undiagnosed, precancerous, colposcopy, abnormalities, disease, biopsy, optical, laser, CRC

Soft Tissue Regeneration, Inc.

New Haven, CT, USA | Development of the application of resorbable polymer scaffold technology to address unmet need and regenerate and repair joint tissue
keywords: sports medicine, ACL, Regenerative Medicine, Orthopedics New Haven CT USA Joseph W. Reilly, President and CEO; Cato T. Laurencin, MD, PhD, Chair of Scientific Advisory Board

Synthetic Biologics, Inc.

Rockville, MD, USA | Biologics for the prevention/treatment of serious infectious and other diseases.
keywords: infectious diseases, C. difficile, pertussis, Acinetobacter, multiple sclerosis, synthetic biologics, monoclonal antibodies, estriol, beta-lactamase oral enzyme, ibs, Intrexon Rockville MD USA Jeffrey Riley

Asuragen, Inc.

Austin, TX, USA | Fully integrated RNA-based therapeutic and diagnostics company with a focus on microRNA
keywords: advamed, Diagnostics, molecular, miRNA, management, PatientMonitoring Austin TX USA Matt Winkler, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board and CSO; Matthew McManus, M.D., Ph.D., President and CEO; Lynne Hohlfeld

Echoguide Medical, Inc.

Seattle, WA, USA | Develops devices to place catheters.
keywords: Diagnostics, catheters, neurosurgery, Neurology, ultrasound, hydrocephalus, catheterization Seattle WA USA Samuel Browd, MD PhD, Co-founder; Pierre Mourad, PhD, Co-founder

Acasti Pharma Inc.

Laval, Canada | Developing pharmaceutical and medical applications for Neptune Krill Oil
keywords: phospholipids, omega-3, Neptune Krill Oil, cardiovascular, triglycerides, cell process Laval Quebec Canada André Godin, C.A., Interim President and Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer; Pierre Lemieux Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer; Dr. Fotini Sampalis M.D., Ph.D.

BeckerSmith Medical

Los Angeles, CA, USA | Develops devices for neurosurgery.
keywords: medical device, consumables, neurosurgery, spinal surgery, lumbar drain, critical fluid monitor and control, brain, surgery Los Angeles CA USA Nelson Scharadin, CEO, Director; Jan Eckermann M.D., CMO

AcuityBio Corporation

Newton, U.S | Commercializes polymer drugdelivery technologies to treat soft tissue cancers.
keywords: KIP2018, Novel, polymer, drug delivery, technologies, soft tissue, cancer, Oncology Newton Massachusetts U.S Mark Grinstaff, Ph.D.; Alain Hanover, M.S.; Jesse Wolinsky, Ph.D.; and John 'Jay' Schwartz

Atossa Genetics, Inc.

Seattle, WA, USA | Developed novel cellular and molecular diagnostics and treatments for early breast cancer.
keywords: breast cancer, oncology, womens\' health, Seattle WA USA Dr. Steven C. Quay, Chairman of the Board and CEO; Dr. Shu-Chih Chen, Chief Scientific Officer and Director; John Barnhart, Director

Native Cardiovascular

Naples, FL, USA | Treats a highly pervasive cardiac complication; atrial fibrillation.
keywords: Cardiology, heart, Naples FL USA Joseph Pergolizzi Jr., MD, CEO and Managing Partner; Young Kim, MD, CMO; Steven Walter, ESQ, General Counsel; Scott Johnson, EE, PMP


Atlanta, GA, USA |
keywords: Health IT, Patient Monitoring, Vital Signs, Remote Monitoring, Chronic Disease Management Atlanta GA USA Robert Arkin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer; Neal Templeton, MD, Chief Medical Officer; Mary Ann Weitnauer, Ph.D., Chief Technology Office; Robert Rupard, Chief Operating Officer; Jiten Chhabra

Avantis Medical Systems

Sunnyvale, United States | Detection and prevention of gastrointestinal (GI) tract cancer.
keywords: gastrointestinal, Gastroenterology, GI, endoscopy, retroscope, colon, colonoscopy, GI tract Sunnyvale CA United States Anthony DiTonno, President and CEO; Jack Higgins, MD, Chief Medical Officer; Doug Gielow

Regenesis Biomedical

Scottsdale, AZ, USA | A medical device company that provides noninvasive regenerative medicine products.
keywords: provant therapy system, durable medical equipment, medicaid services, CMS, DME, wound care, pain management Scottsdale AZ USA Scott S. Brooks, CEO; Dennis Genge, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; Tom Eisiminger, Jr., Vice President Sales; Richard Isenberg

PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc

Charlottesville, VA, USA | Commercializing novel patented burn and wound care products.
keywords: WoundCare, Infection Control Charlottesville VA USA Neal G. Koller, President and CEO; Glenn D. Warden, MD, MBA, FACS, Chief Medical Officer; James B. Farinholt, Senior Financial Advisor, Treasurer, Board of Directors; Adam J. Katz, MD

Simavita Pty Ltd.

North Sydney, AUSTRALIA | Developed an innovative solution for the management of urinary incontinence, with a focus on the elderly
keywords: continence, geriatrics, Gastroenterology, Urology, Womens Health, systems, care, management, plan North Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA Ari Bergman, Chairman; Philippa Lewis, CEO; Philip Johnstone

Bluegrass Vascular Technologies

Devices and methods that address shortcomings in vascular access procedures.Developed a unique lifesaving device that redefines the standard of care for central venous access procedures.
keywords: Vascular, medical device, catheter, veins, surgery Lexington KY John Gurley, MD

Protea Biosciences

Morgantown, WV, USA | Develops proteomics technology identifying disease-specific protein biomarkers to develop new treatments for human disease
keywords: protein, biomarkers, protein characterization, posttranslational modifications, protein-protein interactions Morgantown WV USA Stephen Turner, CEO and Chairman; Alessandro Baldi, Ph.D, Vice President and General Manager; Edward Hughes, Chief Financial Officer; Matthew Powell, Ph.D., Director

Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

South San Francisco, CA, USA | Proprietary therapeutics treating serious medical disorders including opioid dependence and various neurological diseases.
keywords: Schizophrenia, Parkinson\'s disease, opiate addiction, congestive heart failure, non-small cell lung cancer, cancer, bone related disease. South San Francisco CA USA Louis Bucalo, M.D., Chairman, Pres, Chief Exec. Officer; Robert Farrell


South San Francisco, CA, USA | Therapeutics: Cancer, sight-threatening illnesses
keywords: fosbretabulin, anaplastic, randomized, chemotherapeutic, bevacizumab, cancer, oncology, ovarian cancer, ophthalmology South San Francisco CA USA David J. Chaplin, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer; Barbara Riching

Tamir Biotechnology

Monmouth Junction, NJ, USA | Drugs for the treatment of cancer and other pathological conditions.
keywords: cancer, ribonucleases, mesothelioma, HPV, biopharmaceuticals, ribonuclease Monmouth Junction NJ USA Kuslima Shogen, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board of Directors; Lawrence A. Kenyon, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary; Andrew P. Aromando, Senior Vice President

Nexus 6, Ltd

Auckland, New Zealand | Disease management system for asthma patients.
keywords: Asthama, disease management, respiratory conditions Auckland New Zealand Mr.Garth Sutherland, Founder & CEO; Doug Wilson, Chairman; Jeremy C Cook, Non-executive Director; Matt McNamara, Non-executive Director; Maxine Simmons, Non-executive Director; Rob Turnbull, CFO; Chris Stevens, COO; Charis Mander, Quality and Regulatory Manager; Maggie Scott

Respiratory Motion

Waltham, MA, USA |
keywords: respiration, breathing, airway, asthma, diagnostic, ventilation, monitoring Waltham MA USA Jenny E. Freeman, M.D., Co-Founder and CEO; Alexander Panasyuk, Ph.D, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer; Kamen Bliznashki


Nashville, TN, USA | Molecular diagnostic for aggressive underserved and less frequent diseases.
keywords: diagnostics, disease Nashville TN USA James Stover, Ph.D., President; David Barkhurst, Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Self Care Catalysts, Inc.

Toronto,, Canada | Non-traditional health research, strategy, and solutions company focused on patient-centric results.
keywords: patient care, Health IT, Patient Monitoring, Vital Signs, Remote Monitoring, Chronic Disease Management Toronto, ON Canada Grace Soyao, Founder and CEO; Bob Waite, Senior Vice President; Jared R. Adams, MD, PhD

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