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Summary Description Computer-guided laser used to create corneal flap in Step One of LASIK surgery

Management Robert J. Palmisano, President and Chief Executive Officer; Charline Gauthier O.D., Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; P. Bernard Haffey, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer; Shelley B. Thunen, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; James A. Lightman, Senior Vice President and General Counsel; Eric Weinberg, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing; Greg Anderson, Vice President, U.S Sales; Paul Barros, Vice President, International Business Development; Michael Brownell, Vice President, Product Development; Michael Clemmons, Vice President, Business Process Management; Ted Devnew, Vice President, Corporate Accounts; Melinda Floros, Vice President, Customer Support; Kevin Harley, Vice President, Human Resources; Tibor Juhasz, Ph.D., Vice President and Chief Technical Officer; Stephen McCusker, Vice President, Supply Chain Management; William Wright, Vice President, Operations; Krista Mallory, Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

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