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RxResults HCID Member | Healthcare Services

16609 Cantrell Rd Suite 13
Little Rock, AR 72223 USA
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Research Sector Healthcare Services
Summary Description Evidence based medicine service based upon drug efficacy and cost containment.

Click here for Financial Data Keywordspharmacy benefit managers, drug efficacy, pharmacy cost containment, evidence based medicine, specialty pharmacy cost containment, pharmacy outcomes


RxResults provides formulary management that is independent and includes unbiased drug information from established evidence based sources. This model has market- proven pharmacy benefit cost savi......view more

Products / Services

Delivery of formulary recomendations, drug coverage strategies and utilization management programs to various health plans and employers. Gives customers cost control for pharmacy benefits. ......view more

Technology / Differentiation

RxResults provides an independent, evidence based medicine and market- proven pharmacy benefit cost savings model. The RxResults model is unlike existing affiliated systems that often fail to provide...view more

Market / Customers

In 1997, national prescription drug expenditures totaled $75.7 billion, or 6.9 percent of all national health expenditures. In 2003, prescription drug expenditures had more than doubled to $179.2 bil......view more

Competitors / Substitutes / Alternatives

Rx Covered Lives CVS/Caremark, RX, Inc. Medco Health Solutions, Inc. Express Scripts/CuraScript ICORE Healthcare, Inc. WellPoint NetRx PharmaCare Management Services, Inc. MedImpact Hea...view more


RxResults is counting on the outstanding reputation and access to world-class talent at the College of Pharmacy at UAMS, along with their current track record in pharmaceutical management, to be a sig...view more

Revenue / Funding

Company Seeks: Venture Capital Institutional Investor Awareness M&A Advisors Strategic / Corporate Partners...view more


RxResults has entered into an exclusive contract with the UAMS College of Pharmacy. RxResults is actively acquiring clients....view more

...view more