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Marina Biotech, Inc. Biotech Specialty Pharma

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Research Sector Biotech Specialty Pharma
Summary Description RNAi-based therapies to target a wide range of human diseases.

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Marina Biotech is a biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of therapeutic products based on RNA interference (RNAi). They are building multiple cutting-edge drug discov......view more

Products / Services

RNA Interference UsiRNA Technology DiLA2 Delivery Technology The tauRNAi Platform The tkRNAi Platform RNAi Drug Design and Delivery RNAi Therapeutic Platforms......view more

Technology / Differentiation

Marina Biotech leverages RNAi-based therapeutics through the development of multiple broad-based, state-of-the-art drug discovery platforms built upon industry leading expertise in RNA chemistry, micr...view more