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InHealth 2010 Health Technology Summit: State of the Science: Medtech Economics in a Rapidly Changing Environment (Part 1 of 5)

Amalia M. Issa, PhD, MPH, director of the program in personalized medicine and targeted therapeutics at the University of Houston; Stephen T. Parente, PhD, director of the medical industry leadership institute at the University of Minnesota; and Robert J. Rubin, MD, clinical professor of medicine at Georgetown University and chair of the InHealth research council discuss the state of the science in health technology research and the possibility of creating a virtual collaborative community devoted to medtech policy and economic research. Part 1 of 5. Uploaded: 04/23/2010 TAGS: Amalia, M., Issa, Stephen, T., Parente, and, Robert, J., Rubin, medtech, economics, health, policy, socioeconomic, approach, health, technology, research, InHealth, 2010, Health, Technology, Summit, Washington, DC, resources