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InHealth 2010 Health Technology Summit: Methods for Medtech: Taming Comparative Effectiveness and Other Challenges (Part 1 of 6)

Peter J. Neumann, ScD, Director of the center for the evaluation of value and risk in health at Tufts University, and Stephen J. Northrup, Principal with the Podesta Group, examine the trends in comparative effectiveness research in a discussion moderated by Robert Rubin at the 2010 InHealth Health Technology Summit, held April 7, in Washington, DC. Part 1 of 6. Uploaded: 04/26/2010 TAGS: Peter, J., Neumann, ScD, director, center, for, the, evaluation, of, value, and, risk, in, health, Tufts, University, Stephen, J., Northrup, principal, Podesta, Group, trends, comparative, effectiveness, research, CER, cost-effectiveness, analysis, CEA, Robert, J., Rubin, healthcare, policies, reimbursement, medical, technologies, Medicare, 2010, InHealth, Health, Technology, Summit, Washington, DC, resources