8th Annual OneMedForum San Francisco: New Venue & Partnership Announced

Forum makes moves to an expanded venue for the launch of OneMedMarket.

OneMedForum announced that its 8th annual conference will move to the San Francisco Marriott Marquis, January 12-14, 2015. According to Brett Johnson, Founder and CEO, “This new venue is probably the most significant development in the nearly 8 years we’ve been doing the conference. Its central location and layout are ideal. It’s a perfect space for networking, partnering, exhibits, and company presentations occurring around a large central atrium. It offers a dramatic setting for the launch of OneMedMarket.

OneMedMarket will function as a marketplace for builders and financiers of healthcare growth companies. This secondary market will provide liquidity to investors and will also serve as a one-stop-shop for the financial and operational needs of growth companies. “We believe that it can perform as an on-ramp for companies looking to go public or for companies seeking to provide liquidity to investors to stay private longer,” said Founder Brett Johnson.

Private companies invited to present at the conference come from the recommendations of OneMedMarket’s global advisory board. According to Christian Beck, PhD, Director of Research, “Candidates to list on OneMedMarket must have real technologies, be tackling proven markets, and be priced to offer 10x potential returns. We consider all areas of healthcare including devices, therapeutics, diagnostics, and digital health.”

marriot_sf_exteriorThe event will also feature the launch of OneMedTV, an Internet video channel for accredited and institutional investors globally interested in smaller public companies. A major strategic partner with OneMedTV will be IssuWorks, a technology-based capital markets firm that works with small and microcap companies to identify and reach greater numbers of better institutional investors, before, during, and after stock offerings. Founded by former NASDAQ Vice Chairman David Weild IV, the company conducts research on over 40,000 institutional investors and their holdings. Its core objective is to help issuers reach long-term investors. Primary programming for OneMedTV will be company presentations and interviews with CEOs. According to Weild, “Our research shows that only a small percentage of institutional investors see these companies. We are pleased to help get these firms in front of a much broader audience of appropriate institutional investors.”

marriot_sf_interiorDisruptive innovation will continue to be a core theme at this year’s conference. We are looking at firms that address the challenges of a rapidly changing healthcare sector. Other major themes will be the JOBS Act, specifically Regulation A+ and its impact on small IPOs. The conference will also feature an international track with sessions on entering Europe and Asia. It will again host its China Forum, which will attract leading Chinese and U.S. companies and investors active in this growing market.

This is the first time OneMedForum will have a large central exhibit area to showcase the latest tools and technologies for healthcare growth companies. The event’s primary mission to connect companies, capital, expertise, and technology will also be facilitated through OneMedConnect, a one-on-one partnering system. The overall objective is to bring together an entire ecosystem in healthcare growth company finance during its most important week.

For more information about OneMedForum visit: www.onemedconferences.com

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