A Busy Year for HydraDx

waterdropletThe economy is tough for biotech start-ups, but the CEO of HydraDx is feeling confident. HydraDX is an early-stage company focused on point-of-care solutions to measure dehydration. According to HydraDx President and CEO Frank Bellizzi, the Pasadena, Calif.-based company has completed a major human study, conducted thorough market research, selected an initial target market, and found its first distributor–big milestones for a company that’s only been around for a year.

HydraDx develops noninvasive diagnostic tests that measure dehydration using biomarkers found in saliva. Dehydration affects organ function and factors into a variety of health problems, including heat exhaustion, kidney failure, and diabetes. There is a significant, unmet clinical need for a dehydration diagnostic test that is both cost-effective and convenient.

The company will initially focus on the long term-care market, including nursing facilities for the elderly. Dehydration influences a variety of physical and mental conditions in elderly patients. Healthcare costs related to dehydration in the elderly are estimated at $12 billion.

“We’ve achieved all of our milestones that we set out in the first year, and we’re actually ahead of schedule in all the different ways that we track our progress,” Bellizzi told OneMedTV correspondent Alicia Ontiveros at the 2010 OneMedForum.  “I’m optimistic about where we’re going.”

Below, watch our interview with HydraDx President and CEO Frank Bellizzi.

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