A Safer Surgical Drill

UK scientists have created a surgical drill that can sense the air max 97 pas cher kind of tissue it’s entering and automatically make adjustments when needed, before a patient is harmed. The drill, which could see wide use in head surgery and other small-scale surgical procedures,air max 97 pas cher has already been employed “to give profoundly deaf patients cochlear implants – a process that requires extreme caution to avoid damaging delicate tissues inside the ear,” according to an article from yesterday on NewScientist.com. “Unlike conventional hand-powered surgical drills, it can sound an alert or shut down before piercing a delicate membrane in the inner ear,” its co-inventors working at University of Aston and University Hospital Birmingham, say in the article. Darren Murph, a blogger on the air max 97 pas cher Web site engadget, notes, “This device stands out due to its uncanny ability to sense pressure, torque, and force, and can automatically shut down if it feels it’s going to pierce a membrane that shouldn’t be punctured,” adding “we’re sure the [hair] implant industry is already checking into it.”http://www.sneaker2018.fr/

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