Accord Biosciences To Present At OneMedForum NY 2011

Nitric oxide is one of the most important physiological signaling molecules in the body, responsible for regulating such fundamental biological processes as proper blood vessel function and the body’s defense against infection. Accord Biosciences has developed a breakthrough technological platform that enables the release of the body’s nitric oxide reserve, which they have used to develop a broad proprietary product pipeline including medical implant surface materials with superior antimicrobial and anti-blood clot properties, as well as novel diagnostics for pulmonary arterial hypertension. In particular, the use of medical implants can be met with several difficulties, including the accumulation of deleterious blood clots, poor healing and medical implant infections. The company’s biomaterial promotes the body’s natural production of nitric oxide at the implant surface, triggering the healing mechanism of the body, to avoid unnecessary blood clots while at the same time protecting against infection. Accord Biosciences will be a presenting company at OneMedForum NY 2011.

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