Angels Descending

According to a study released yesterday by the air max 97 pas cher University of New Hampshire’s Center for Venture Research, angel investing is up (10.8 percent from 2005, to $25.6 billion last year) and medical devices are proving especially attractive. Red Herring reports, “Healthcare services, and medical devices and equipment continued to account for the largest share of angel investments, with 21 percent of total angel investments in 2006,air max 97 pas cher  followed by software at 18 percent and biotech at 18 percent.” And an IP law firm managing partner tells the San Francisco Chronicle that he’s noticed “a modest unleashing of early stage capital,” including funding for healthcare startups. Further, “The aging of the Baby Boom generation and the growing reliance on information technology in health care has prompted entrepreneurs to explore new business opportunities.” This law man speaks specifically about the buzz surrounding digitizing medical records.


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