Apricus Bio VP: Drug Delivery Space Is Evolving During Personalized Medicine Surge

Apricus Bio [NASDAQ: APRI] has made some intriguing noise recently. The San Diego-based drug delivery company is actualizing its efforts abroad, receiving patent protection of its technology in Europe, exploring international partnerships for late-stage candidates and securing a Canadian distribution license of its lead product with a major player.

Apricus uses a two-pronged revenue stream incorporating out-license of its NexACT®drug delivery technology alongside the in-house development and self-selling of a diverse pipeline. NexACT® uses novel excipients, penetration enhancers, to increase absorption and efficacy. The company uses NexACT® to develop topical, subcutaneous and oral delivery for various indicators. The company’s lead products, topical Vitaros® for erectile dysfunction, is approved in Canada and in filing in Europe.

Apricus has taken the most strides in sexual health disorders, including a female sexual arousal disorder drug in phase III, and anti-infectives. The company is also in pre-IND stages for oncology, autoimmune diseases/anti-inflammatory and metabolic disorders.

These milestones make Apricus, and Vice President of Corporate Development and Investor Relations Edward Cox, an authority on the growth of drug delivery companies during the personalized medicine surge. An efficient, multi-route drug delivery technology is becoming integral as the medical community moves away from normative care, says Mr. Cox, as it fosters opportunities to reach a broader patient population, even in  supposed saturated markets. As the medical community increases attention internationally, that patient population becomes more diverse, thus making progress in personalized medicine essential.

OneMedRadio spoke with Mr. Cox to discuss the NexACT technology, emerging market opportunities particularly intriguing to investors, and the challenges and benefits of entering Europe.

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