The Fly on the Wall: Athersys Publishes Study on Increasing Survival of Organ Transplants With Stem Cells

adultstemcells_largeAthersys (ATHX) is a clinical stage based biopharmaceutical company with an exponentially growing pipeline and an array of products in therapeutics to treat significant and life-threatening diseases. Most recently, the company has published studies resulting in Stem Cell Translational Medicine showing that Multi-potent Adult Progenitor Cells (MAPCTM) can increase the long term survival of organ transplants in situations where the cell donor is not related to the patient or the organ donor. Furthermore, this study has shown that long-term immune suppression may not be needed anymore.

The key challenge that this company will face is the risk of rejection and the requirement for a long-term immunosuppression. This challenge will be addressed by administering the clinical MAPC product to transplant patients. Be sure to keep up to date on the upcoming breakthroughs Athersys is on the verge of making. Market Cap: $92.90 million; Volume: 22,370; 12 Month Trail $0.92-$2.42.

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