Avantis Medical Systems Enters Enormous Endoscope Market

Avantis Medical Systems is company that is tapping into large Endoscope market which has 30 million colonoscopies globally and 15 million in the US alone. Potential market value for colonoscopies is predicted to be $2.9 billion globally by 2017. The company targets the 24% adenoma miss rate with standard colonoscopy, of which, 2/3 of missed adenomas are hidden behind folds.

With their new innovative product, the Third Eye Retroscope, the first FDA-cleared device for retrograde colonoscopy, the company aims to diminish the adenoma miss rate, which can lead to cancer. The Third Eye Retroscope provides a second, retrograde image enabling viewing of all areas behind the folds. The product is even compliant with existing endoscopy equipment, ensuring easy integration of the product in the colonoscopy market. Third Eye Restroscope is a viable and attractive solution to the current demands of a product that targets the Endoscope market, which is rapidly rising in colorectal cancer cases in developing countries.

cancer To learn more about Avantis Medical Systems be sure to see them at the 7th Annual OneMedForum in San Francisco from January 13th-15. 


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