Best Practice Web Design in the Healthcare Industry

A website is a critical component of any medical device company, not only because patients use them to learn about new or innovative cures, but because they are often the first stop for investors seeking the latest opportunities.

Working in the space, I see my fair share of med tech websites. Many have languished over the years, becoming as antiquated as the technology they are trying to sell. But a few have broken out and adopted the latest standards in design.

Of the many sites I’ve seen, Symphony Medical adheres to the best practices of modern web design. They communicate effectively through a well-designed site.

The navigation is clear. The typography – the vehicle through which a company’s message is delivered (where many websites tend to fall short) is easy to read.

Of note – the integration of multimedia; while I dislike the ‘beating heart’ on their homepage, the other pages employ video and graphics in an effective fashion – that is to say, they don’t use graphics for graphics sake.

Symphony’s Management Page uses an accordion menu (using a programming language known as AJAX) allowing one to drill down without opening a new window.

Finally, their News section offers allows one to subscribe to new updates via RSS. This feature should be a prerequisite for any web savvy firm.

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