Biofisica Secures $2 Million for New Wound Product

Biofisica, a Duluth, GA, wound-care company, has secured $2 million in financing to support its first product, a medical device that combines moist wound-care dressing with electrical stimulation.

The product, POSiFECT, brings together the two technologies into a fully disposable, easy-to-use, sterile dressing that facilitates the normal healing process. The bio-electrical stimulation is generated by low-level electric currents that mimic the body’s naturally occurring bio-currents, which have been shown to be absent on non-healing wounds. These bio-currents stimulate the wound healing process.

The firm’s clinical studies have shown that POSiFECT accelerates healing in difficult-to-heal or non-healing chronic wounds, and may increase the rate of healing up to 40% compared with traditional therapies.

The device was cleared for European sale at the end of 2006, and Biofisica began selling it in the U.K. earlier this year; the company also is pursuing a listing on the U.K.’s Drug Tariff. POSiFECT is not yet available in the U.S., but a 501(k) application has been filed.

The $2 million, obtained in the form of venture debt financing from Leader Ventures, will go toward working capital and operational expenses for POSiFECT.

“This new infusion of capital supports our efforts to establish POSiFECT as a premier product in the wound-care market and demonstrates Biofisica’s ability to attract high caliber investment partners,” said CEO Rafael Andino, in a statement.

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