BioNeutral Ships Mold-Fighting Ogiene-M Formulation

BioNeutral, a life science company that specializes in biohazard neutralization technologies, has started shipping its Ogiene-M formulation to fulfill an agreement between BioNeutral and Mr. Mold, a New Jersey-based mold remediation company that operates throughout the Northeast. The Ogiene-M formulation neutralizes the odor and stains caused by mold spores, which are activated when the spores come in contact with water. Mold spores can be found in almost every environment, and can grow anywhere there is moisture present. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, exposure to mold is associated with allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory issues.

 BioNeutral specializes in “green” formulations designed to neutralize harmful environmental contaminants and toxins. Earlier this year, the New Jersey-based company announced plans to create a new wholly-owned subsidiary in Hong Kong. BioNeutral is a client of the Enterprise Development Center, a high-tech business incubator committed to the growth of companies located at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark. The EDC has assisted in the growth of over 85 companies, including LinguaFlex, Healthy Functions, and Lenterra.     

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