BioNeutral to Expand Into Asia

BioNeutral Group, a developer of chemical-based technology, announced that they will form a new wholly owned subsidiary in Hong Kong to commercialize their proprietary chemical formulations throughout Asia. The Newark, NJ, company has been flooded with inquiries from China and India regarding the effectiveness of their Ygiene antimicrobial formulation against the deadly swine flu virus. BioNeutral markets Ygeine through its wholly owned subsidiary, Advanced Bio-Fiber Treatments Corp.

Ygeine and Ogeine are “green” formulas that utilize combinational chemistry-based technology to neutralize environmental contaminants, toxins, and dangerous microorganisms such as spores and viruses. The market for antimicrobial treatments that can be applied to clothing and textiles is expanding, particularly in areas that have a high risk of exposure to chemicals and pathogens. BioNeutral has offered Ygiene to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control for testing to determine the product’s effectiveness against the swine flu virus.

The global incidence of swine flu is approaching pandemic levels. Over 8,400 people worldwide have contracted the H1N1 virus to date, with 72 deaths. In late April, the World Health Organization raised the pandemic alert to 5 on a 6-point scale, meaning a pandemic is imminent. The disease has reached 36 countries; Turkey and India confirmed their first cases on Saturday.

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