BioNeutral Ygiene Kills Swine Flu in 20 Seconds, Test Shows

h1n1BioNeutral of Newark, NJ, announced that its Ygiene Consumer Grade antimicrobial formulation swiftly eradicated the H1N1 swine flu virus in an independent lab test. Researchers at Microbiotest of Sterling, Virginia, found that Ygiene eliminated the swine flu virus within 20 seconds. The findings suggest that BioNeutral would be effective for home use. In a news statement, the company noted that many commercially available household disinfectants claim a 10-minute kill time.

Ygiene Consumer Grade is a milder version of the Ygiene Hospital Grade formulation. Both are “green” formulas designed to kill environmental contaminants and toxins.

Swine flu has hit at least 168 countries in recent months, killing nearly 1,800 people. Before the World Health Organization declared a pandemic in June, companies were already racing to come up with a vaccine. The Los Angeles Times reports that testing is now under way for a swine flu vaccine.

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