Bioterrorism Firm Partners on New Wound Treatment

A Scottsdale, AZ, firm whose technology is currently being studied for combating bioterrorism has entered its first co-development partnership, to explore alternative applications.

ImmuneRegen BioSciences, a subsidiary of IR BioSciences Holdings, is teaming up with Uluru, an Addison, TX, company that makes wound-management, plastic-surgery and oral-care products. The two firms will combine their technologies to develop a new wound-healing treatment.

ImmuneRegen will contribute Homspera, designed to be used as a countermeasure for bioterrorism threats. It’s derived from Substance P, a naturally occurring peptide immunomodulator and homeostatic compound with the dual effect of improving pulmonary function and stimulating the immune system.

hydrogel-nanoparticle.gifHomspera will be combined with Uluru’s hydrogel biomaterial, which aggregates nanoparticles to form a material of varying strength and elasticity.

Uluru will underwrite a number of studies on the potential wound healing effects of Homspera; until now, testing has focused on bioterrorism — the technology has shown efficacy in small animals at protecting against lethal radiation and microbiological attack (specifically influenza and anthrax spores), and has shown indications of being protective against specific inhaled noxious chemicals.

ImmuneRegen BioSciences and Uluru will establish a joint steering committee to oversee the development project. The deal, as it stands now, is strictly a development partnership, but both companies have said they will consider entering into a license agreement in the event that they successfully develop a product for market.

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