PR Newswire: BioDelivery Sciences International Secures $20 Million in Debt Financing

computer-moneyA company to keep a look out for in the upcoming future is BioDelivery Sciences International (BDSI), a specialty pharmaceutical company with a platform of drug delivery technologies to develop, commercialize, and improve already proven applications of therapeutics. BDSI is currently channeling their focus in the area of pain management and addiction.

BDSI just secured a $20 million secured loan from MidCap Financial, LLC, which opens the doors of assisting them in submitting their New Drug Application for their drug Nunavail, and the completion of two Phase 3 clinical studies for BEMA Buprenorphine for chronic pain. This loan is what BDSI has been looking for in order to have that extra step towards success, be sure to stay updated on their progress. Market Cap: $182.38M; Volume: 3,739; 12 Month Trail: $3.52-$6.89.

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