Diagnovus Focused on Delivering Personalized Diagnostic Information and Services to Physicians Treating Patients Suffering from Rare Diseases

diagnovus-logo1Nashville-based molecular diagnostic company Diagnovus prides itself on its commitment to facilitating the diagnosis and treatment of underserved diseases. Since its inception in 2011, Diagnovus has served as the physical embodiment of founder Dr. James Stover’ s passion for providing doctors and patients alike with viable, effective means of managing and combatting these aggressive, silent illnesses.

To date, Diagnovus has produced three products, all of which support the treatment processes in the fields of either oncology or gastroenterology, as we as bolster Diagnovus’ standing within the health/science community.  In February of 2013, Diagnovus was thrust into the spotlight due to its introduction of the first commercial gene expression assay, “ENGAUGE-cancer-DLBCL Risk Score”. The first of what will surely be a lengthy list of highly specialized diagnostic and treatment tools, “ENGAUGE-cancer-DLBCL Risk Score” renders exceedingly more accurate the diagnostic and treatment processes of individuals with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) by relying on the output of the gene expression assay in conjunction with a patient’s score on the International Prognostic Index (IPI)-a clinical tool utilized for determining the prognosis of patients with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Following this assay, Diagnovus launched ENAUGE-cancer-DLBCL Gene Panel, a next generation sequencing-based assay that definitively identifies 17 mutations associated with targeted therapy response or resistance in DLBCL.

In early October of the same year, Diagnovus’s profile found itself at center stage yet again for its launch of the first commercially available gene expression assay for patients with Barrett’s Esophagus. “EGAUGE GI Barrett’s Esophagus” facilitates physicians’ ability to more accurately discern the possibility of progression from Barrett’s Esophagus to esophageal adenocarcinoma (EAC) or high-grade dysplasia by using reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) to assess the methylation profile of 8 genes. This tool also expands on the Engauge products’ portfolio in that it maximizes material taken from a routine biopsy.

With a budding inventory of products and commitment to greater and more accurate treatment options, Diagnovus has most certainly solidified its standing within the health/medicinal community.

To learn more about the future of Diagnovus please attend 7th annual OneMedForum in San Francisco January 13th-15th.

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