News Medical: iBio Launch Platform Creates H7N9 Influenza Vaccine in Record Time

Influenza is a virus that is constantly changing and requires routine monitoring. Without the proper preparation, this advanced virus could develop in to a pandemic. IBio has produced a vaccine candidate for the newly emerging H7N9 influenza virus in a milestone time of 21 days. This vaccine was created by a third party laboratory using the iBio Launch Platform: a unique platform for accelerated development and manufacturing of high value proteins which allow for the creation and delivery of vaccines in weeks rather than months. This same platform is responsible for the treatment of other influenza strains. With its continuation and interest by government and state corporations, this platform can change potentially forever alter vaccine development.

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*Note: OneMedPlace recently produced a feature story exploring the influenza market, specifically looking at NanoViricides (NNVC) FluCide technology as an alternative to traditional vaccination, the true efficacy of which is now questioned.

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