Recommended Reading: Navigating the Sea Change

After 40-plus years since the biotechnology industry began, it finally turned a profit in 2008. Yet this “good news” story has been overshadowed by the events that besieged the industry in the final four months of the year.

With life sciences leaders struggling to make sense of this turbulent period, Biotech 2009: Life Sciences arrives just in time. Entitled Navigating the Sea Change, the 23rd edition of Burrill & Company’s annual report on the industry provides a compass to guide you through the current financial turmoil. Smart, accessible, and indispensable, it contains unique analysis and perspective on the performance of the industry in 2009 and projections for 2009 and beyond.

Companies had enjoyed nearly 40 years of easy access to inexpensive capital, but now markets have permanently restructured, making access to capital more difficult and expensive. Navigating the Sea Change will help you understand how the industry will have to remake itself. The book highlights the critical developments in 2008 (across all sectors, not just human healthcare but also biogreentech, both in the U.S. and globally). It profiles the global reach of biotechnology and analyzes the business, financial, political and regulatory issues impacting the industry. It also describes how the changing world of healthcare innovation and delivery, and the increased concern for global climate change, energy security and environmental sustainability are the major issues that will make 2009 very challenging as we come to terms with a business, policy and economic environment that is largely unfamiliar to us all. Navigating the Sea Change offers the insights and global perspective that will allow you to not just survive, but actually prosper in this challenging environment.

Recommended reading. If you read this book, you can talk intelligently about biotechnology to anyone, at any level, anywhere in the world.

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