South Korean FDA Approves Cynosure’s Accolade Workstation for Pigmented Lesions

Although freckles occur most often in light skinned individuals with blond hair and blue eyes, freckles are also common among Asians, including Koreans. While they can look good, I’ve learned in my 25 years to never get between a woman and her happiness.

Cynosure, based in Westford, MA, offers an array of laser-based aesthetic treatment systems. This week, the company received market approval from the Korean FDA for its Accolade workstation for the removal of pigmented lesions. The Accolade is the third Cynosure product approved for marketing in South Korea, following the Elite for laser hair removal and the Cynergy for the treatment of dermatological vascular conditions.

Introduced earlier this year, Accolade is a high-powered 755 nm, Q-switched Alexandrite laser that can remove benign epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions (such as freckles). The laser’s high repetition rates allow for rapid treatment.

As one of the world’s major aesthetic markets, South Korea represents a substantial opportunity for the company’s products. Freckles are quite common among Asians, making Korea a primary target market for Accolade. Cynosure is also pursuing regulatory approval in other Asia Pacific countries, including China.

All three workstations are being distributed in South Korea through Seoul-based OrientMG Ltd.

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