VisEn Raises $7M for In Vivo Imaging Technology

VisEn Medical, a Woburn, MA, company using imaging technology to develop real-time molecular mapping of disease states, has raised $7 million in a Series B round.

The financing, co-led by new investor Merck Capital Ventures and Flagship Ventures, will be used to expand sales, marketing and customer support programs, and further advance development of the company’s fluorescent in vivo technology in clinical imaging and other applications.

“We look for companies with strong management and proven technology platforms,” said Per Lofberg, Merck Capital Ventures’ CEO, who was named to VisEn’s board in conjunction with the financing. “VisEn Medical exemplifies these qualities and has already established a clear leadership position in fluorescence in vivo imaging, a field of growing importance in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.”

VisEn’s FMT System and Optical Probe Portfolio harness fluorescent technology in vivo by providing quantifiable molecular reporting in a range of diseases from deep within the body.

These technologies open the door to VisEn’s two primary market opportunities: imaging of disease progression and pharmaceutical activity in animals for general research and pharmaceutical drug development, and clinical molecular imaging of disease processes in humans. VisEn sees potential for its technology in four key therapeutic areas: oncology, bone disease, inflammatory disease, and cardiovascular.

VisEn was founded in 2000 to commercialize fluorescence in vivo imaging technologies initially developed by researchers and clinicians at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

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