BMEYE Products Provide Fast, Easily Obtained Diagnosis to Improve Patient Care

BMEYE is an Amsterdam-based company involved in the design of non-invasive techniques for measuring blood flow and the forces that affect that flow, cardiac output, which is the amount of blood pumped by either ventricle within one minute, and other indicators of the regularity of fluid movement and oxygen delivery.

The company has developed two products that have been given approval to be marketed by U.S. and European regulatory agencies, Nexfin, used for cardiology patients, and ccNexfin, used for anesthesia and critical care.

Both Nexfin and ccNexfin used the same basic technology. Each monitor has an inflatable cuff that is wrapped around the portion of the finger between the tip and the part closest to the main section of the hand. The pressure created when the artery within the finger pulsates is held to a consistent volume by the application of an equivalent pressure from the cuff. This creates a pressure wave form, which is then reconstructed into brachial arterial pressure waveform, or the waveform that illustrates the pressure within the main artery of the arm. The brachial pressure waveform is the basis for determining continuous cardiac output and heart beat-to-heart beat blood pressure.

In August, BMEYE was profiled in the Anesthesiology News 24th Annual Corporate Profiles edition . The article discussed the multiple uses for this non-invasive technology, especially surgical patients who pose a risk for unstable blood pressure, or who may require optimization of blood pressure prior to surgery. These would include such patient populations as the elderly, obese, diabetics, and those with several significant, simultaneous medical conditions. Additionally, this methodology can be used in all types of surgical procedures, including high-risk. The monitors themselves are light and compact, making them useful not only in the operating room, but also in the, intensive care unit, emergency department, outpatient cardiology and preoperative anesthesia clinics, and the wards.

BYEME will be presenting its products and technologies at OneMedForum SF 2012, on January 9 – 12.

-Maria Esposito

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