BMEYE’s Heart Monitoring Technology May Set A New Standard In Patient Care

During an average life span of 70 years, the human heart will pump more than 400 million litres of blood. Monitoring of the key cardiovascular parameters – blood pressure, cardiac output and oxygen delivery – can provide a practical, early warning of cardiovascular change and potential adverse events in surgery and critical care patients who are monitored both during and after surgery. BMEYE, a provider of non-invasive, beat-to-beat, user-friendly cardiovascular monitoring systems seeks to improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs.

The company is a technology-based, market driven company which was established in April 2005, focused on finger arterial pressure and cardiac output technologies. Their technologies have been validated extensively and are used in groundbreaking products for the space agencies and experimental market launches and their products are considered as thoroughly evaluated, and have been documented in over 800 publications.

Achieving miniaturization and increased user-accessibility, required for broad adoption, were the most important challenges BMEYE faced when developing their innovative product, The Nexfin. BMEYE’s first product, The Nexfin obtained CE and FDA clearance in 2007, and is a unique non invasive blood pressure and cardiac output monitor, offering a precise hemodynamic profile with real-time data posted within a minute. In late 2010, the company received FDA clearance for ccNexfin, monitoring for emergency and acute care.

The major causes of death in the developed world include circulatory diseases, ischemic heart disease and cerebrovascular disease. The ageing of western populations and the advent of numerous therapeutics to improve the performance of the heart, in older persons  indicate that the cardiovascular treatment market has significant prospects for growth. BMEYE will be presenting at the  OneMedForum NY 2011 , June 22nd- 24th.

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