Brain Resource: Revolutionizing a Common Perception of Depression

Their concept is simple: positive thoughts reduce depression. Train your brain to increase positive thoughts.

Brain Resource, a San Francisco based company,  brings new insights and new efficiencies to managing brain health. It has established the first and largest international human brain database to make sense of the brain’s complexities and provide a coherent model for measuring brain health. Healthcare stakeholders need timely, evidence-based data and reliable benchmarks in order to improve the way decisions are made in brain health.  They empower clinicians, employers, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, health plans and individuals with access to personalized, validated and actionable data.

Their cross-disciplinary and multi-dimensional approach has produced a standard for testing and analyzing how the brain works across the lifespan and under varying conditions, influences and compounds.  Users tap into this resource by completing assessments which capture the brain basis of an individual’s emotion, thinking and feeling processes, and how they regulate them compared to their peers.

Below, OneMedRadio interviews Dr. Evian Gordon and Dan Segal of Brain Resource where they discuss the technology behind the company.

Click below to hear full audio interview.

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