Breakthrough Study Indicates CNS Response’s Referenced-EEG Enables Physicians to Significantly Improve Success Rates in Treating Depression

According to The Journal of Psychiatric Research, a breakthrough study by CNS Response, Inc. (OTCBB: CNSO), reveals that physicians using CNS’s Referenced-EEG (rEEG), an online reference database, were able to significantly improve their success in treating patients with depression, including patients with treatment-resistant depression.  In the 12-week depression study conducted at 12 medical sites, including Harvard, Stanford, Rush and Cornell, physicians achieved a 65 percent success rate in treating patients with depression, compared to a 39 percent success rate in the control group.

“As our fourth controlled trial and one of 22 medication response trials using EEG neurometrics, this clinical trial contributes to a growing body of evidence that neurometric markers based on EEG can provide clinically useful information,” said CNS Response CEO George Carpenter.

Especially significant because the severity of mental illness has previously been  difficult to measure objectively,  Referenced-EEG provides objective, personalized, statistical data on a patient’s neurophysiology.

This study suggests that Referenced-EEG can be an easy, relatively inexpensive tool that can assist prescribers in personalizing therapies and reducing trial and error.  For patients, this means a significantly shorter time to feel relief, thereby reducing their suffering and costs.

According to researchers, nearly 15 million Americans are suffering major depression. The economic cost is more than $100 billion each year. As of March 1, CNS has a market cap of 6.72 million and the stock is trading at 0.12 cents per share. CNS Response was a presenting company at OneMedForum SF 2010. Other medical companies making advancements in the field of mental illness include Recovery Care and Health Integrated.

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