Capnia Develop Cluster Headache Medicine with Partner Clinvest

A recently announced Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Capnia, Inc. and Clinvest, a Banyan Group, Inc. division, has brought about the formation of the collaboration between the two parties to develop a cure for cluster headache with the use of the former’s proprietary nasal CO2 treatment technology.

Capnia has been known as a leading company that develops non-invasive treatment and diagnosis of various diseases and medical conditions. Clinvest is a top clinical research company, with a strong background in the treatment of headaches, which makes the team-up a certain success. In accordance with the MOU, Clinvest will perform testing on up to 50 patients of suffering from episodic cluster headaches of the effects of Capnia’s non-inhaled nasal CO2.

CEO of Clinvest and founder of the Headache Care Center Dr. Roger K. Cady will be spearheading this research.  According to a press release, Cady was said to have expressed his delight regarding the said venture. In this said press release, Capnia’s CEO Anish Bhatnagar has also spoken up about his anticipation to start working together with the headache treatment pioneer Dr. Cady.

In this collaboration, Capnia will be providing their proprietary nasal CO2 product to be tested on the recipients, as well as support for logistics and finances. Clinvest, headed by Dr. Cady, will carry out the investigations on the clinical efficacy of Capnia’s technology in the treatment of cluster headaches, performing an investigator-sponsored clinical research.

Cluster headache is a medical condition, distinguished by a symptomatic chronic and severe pain on one side of the head; duration is each painful attack is from 15 minutes that can last for up to 3 hours at a time. These episodes may occur as frequent as a few times a day over a course of several months before they subside. Some cases have patients suffering from unremitting, lingering pain. Approximately 0.2 % of the population suffers from cluster headaches.


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