This company is a specialty biopharmaceutical company that produces novel therapeutics implicated for the treatment of a wide range of respiratory diseases. The company’s drug development is based on the scientific findings that show the critical role that bioactive proteins, termed surfactants, play in the lung. Surfactants enable proper pulmonary gas exchange and proper expansion of the lungs during inspiration, and several diseases are associated with decreased surfactant levels including respiratory distress syndrome, brochopulmonary dysplasia and acute respiratory failure. The company has developed a precision-engineered, peptide-containing surfactant technology to produce drugs that serve as surfactant replacement therapies which are able to mimic the essential function of human pulmonary surfactants. The company’s initial product, an intra-tracheal suspension indicated for the treatment of respiratory distress syndrome in infants, has successfully passed clinical trials and is currently awaiting FDA approval. The company also has therapeutics in phase II clinical trials indicated for the treatment of respiratory distress syndrome in adults, bronchopulmonary displasia and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

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