Catalia Health’s Healthcare Robot Improves Patient Outcomes


Catalia Health, a San Francisco-based company, is garnering attention from the medtech industry with its healthcare robot. The “Mabu” is a personal healthcare companion aimed at providing assistance to patients suffering from chronic disease, while also collecting data for use by healthcare professionals. Mabu uses a cloud-based platform to allow patients to address their healthcare issues effectively and timely via a mobile or web messaging system.

With hundreds of millions of people around the globe suffering from non-communicable diseases, Catalia has a unique value proposition in Mabu’s ability to improve treatment adherence, outcomes and data collection.

Healthcare systems also seek to benefit, as improved outcomes in patients will in turn reduce the need for unnecessary re-admissions, saving approximately $20,000 per patient. Similarly,  Mabu’s effect on reversing patient non-adherence to treatment programs could reduce the current $200B yearly cost to heath systems.

Under the guidance of CEO Cory Kidd, Catalia has nearly closed a $2.5M Seed Round, led by Khosla Ventures, and seeks to ship the Mabu to patients as early as the first quarter in 2017.

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